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  • evilpacman, My bad, haha...Ok, thanks for letting me know. I have never seen any cards from Spiral Force/Thunder Knuckle in UED. Therefore, I didn't know if they were ever printed. Thanks for letting me know and good luck searching!
    evilpacman, I know you are looking for Voltorb/Electrode in Japanese Unlimited Edition, so I was wondering if you knew if Spiral Force came in UED as Voltorb/Electrode was part of the set.
    evilpacman, someone is offering me more than the Zekrom for it. You can buy it from a UK website. PM me for the link
    Y'know, The Electrode family was really my first favorite Pokemon ever! And I still love them.

    Some people rack on it being so simple, but I say that facial expression, and how they can focus on tones to make him look "whole" is awesome! He's such a go-getter.
    evilpacman, I could ask. A few years ago there were spanish cards but today is not so convenient for the stores here buying from europe. Anyway i could ask, what cards do u need? (and why in spanish? like the language or what? my native language is spanish lol)
    evilpacman, mmm not much, here are mostly english cards. We don't pay in dollars of course, but the game stores or comic stores buy the cards in the US so obviously for us is more expensive (here 1 dollar is equivalent to 6 pesos more or less)
    evilpacman, Yep I have seen it. The guy has a fairly reasonable asking price imo. Although two of his cards are PSA 9 and not PSA 10. I have a similar auction up on my eBay. :)
    evilpacman, So I have:

    Voltorb 1st ED French Base
    Voltorb 1st ED German Base
    Electrode 1st ED German Base

    All pack-fresh condition.

    I do not think there is any Korean cards before series 1 - 10 after that starts the B&W series. The foreign trade thread is still here, but it has not been posted in for 6 months.
    I do have extras of Spanish Base & Jungle; Korean series 1, almost all of the B&W ones.
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