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Jan 10, 1992 (Age: 28)

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Voltorb Collector, Male, 28, from USA


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Feb 27, 2020 at 4:23 PM
    1. Snowy
      [b]evilpacman[/b], Ok, sounds good. Good luck and thanks.
    2. Snowy
      [b]evilpacman[/b], My bad, haha...Ok, thanks for letting me know. I have never seen any cards from Spiral Force/Thunder Knuckle in UED. Therefore, I didn't know if they were ever printed. Thanks for letting me know and good luck searching!
    3. Snowy
      [b]evilpacman[/b], I know you are looking for Voltorb/Electrode in Japanese Unlimited Edition, so I was wondering if you knew if Spiral Force came in UED as Voltorb/Electrode was part of the set.
    4. MountainDrew
      Your missing the Plasma Freeze holo and reverse holo Electrode.
    5. elam18
      [b]evilpacman[/b], someone is offering me more than the Zekrom for it. You can buy it from a UK website. PM me for the link
    6. PumpedAaron
      Y'know, The Electrode family was really my first favorite Pokemon ever! And I still love them.

      Some people rack on it being so simple, but I say that facial expression, and how they can focus on tones to make him look "whole" is awesome! He's such a go-getter.
    7. Cochi
      [b]evilpacman[/b], I could ask. A few years ago there were spanish cards but today is not so convenient for the stores here buying from europe. Anyway i could ask, what cards do u need? (and why in spanish? like the language or what? my native language is spanish lol)
    8. Cochi
      [b]evilpacman[/b], mmm not much, here are mostly english cards. We don't pay in dollars of course, but the game stores or comic stores buy the cards in the US so obviously for us is more expensive (here 1 dollar is equivalent to 6 pesos more or less)
    9. Cochi
      [b]evilpacman[/b], Argentina, evilpacman
    10. hey man thanks for the view
    11. PokePhD
      [b]evilpacman[/b], Thank you! :) I wouldn't have either but I was very fortunate!
    12. PokePhD
      [b]evilpacman[/b], Yep I have seen it. The guy has a fairly reasonable asking price imo. Although two of his cards are PSA 9 and not PSA 10. I have a similar auction up on my eBay. :)
    13. Chariblaze
    14. PokePhD
      [b]evilpacman[/b], Either is fine with me. Would you like to discuss via PM?
    15. PokePhD
      [b]evilpacman[/b], So I have:

      Voltorb 1st ED French Base
      Voltorb 1st ED German Base
      Electrode 1st ED German Base

      All pack-fresh condition.
    16. PokePhD
      [b]evilpacman[/b], Great I'll check today to see if I have any extra. :)
    17. PokePhD
      Still collecting foreign 'torbs?

      I might have 1st ED French/German ones. :)
    18. omahanime
      [b]evilpacman[/b], yes
    19. omahanime

      I do not think there is any Korean cards before series 1 - 10 after that starts the B&W series. The foreign trade thread is still here, but it has not been posted in for 6 months.
      I do have extras of Spanish Base & Jungle; Korean series 1, almost all of the B&W ones.
    20. omahanime

      You can get Korean off eBay.
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    Jan 10, 1992 (Age: 28)
    Current Voltorb/Electrode Collection (3 Sep 2014): Total 470/545

    English 107/107 *Complete
    Japanese 100/109
    German 64/77
    Italian 44/83
    French 79/79 *Complete
    Portuguese 25/31
    Spanish 23/28
    Dutch 7/8
    Korean 8/10
    Chinese 6/6 *Complete
    Russian ?/?
    World Championship 7/7 *Complete
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • VG Player
    • Competitive TCG Player
    • Episode Watcher
    Generation Started:
    I am a collector primarily, but I will play from time to time. Currently, I am working on the largest Voltorb/Electrode TCG collection ever known. I probably have more different Voltorb cards than anyone else, but I want to be the first person have a complete master collection. This means that I will have one of every Voltorb and Electrode card ever printed. My criteria includes all languages, errors, print runs and RH's. Basically any discernible difference means it will be in my collection. Print runs that do not have an obvious difference will not be included because it wont be possibly to actually tell them apart.
    I hope to be the first person to do this with any Pokemon. Its possible that someone has collected every card of one Pokemon in English or maybe even Japan, but I hope to be the first to do this for every language. If you are interested in trying this out as well, I can help you out,

    I started playing in 2011 with a Yanmega/Cubone wall type deck that did pretty good. I ended up beating a Gyarados deck twice even though it should have been an autoloss! I won a Battle Roads with a Shuppet Donk and most recently I went 4-5 with Magmortar Mill at Nationals. I started off 4-1 then got bad luck after that. Oh and my second loss was due to a cheater. STEVEN HERNANDEZ I STILL REMEMBER YOU.


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