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  • elam18, :( darn. I had been talking to you on the gym way back about those, you were my only lead for finding a set. Back to the drawing board :(
    elam18' pid='2546281' dateline='1382123665 said:
    SoulWind' pid='2546262' dateline='1382120276 said:
    Not sure if this helps other JPN collectors but the Unlimited print of EX Battle Boost is out.

    Time for you to start spending more $$$
    Nah, the Unlimited print isn't appealing to me. There are a few cards that I would like in both Unlimited and 1ED but that's about it. :p
    elam18, I'll do that. I made an account on UPCCC awhile back but preferred the laid-back environment of the PB forums. Thanks much!
    Mind if I ask you a quick question? I've read a lot about the BW5 lottery promos over the past few months but I cannot figure out whether 500 of each were printed (making for a total of 1,000 promos) or 1,000 of each were printed. All I can find is that there were 1,000 winners but I cannot find whether they received a copy of each card or simply one of the two. Any idea?
    elam18, It will be hard to tell since they have the texture designs. At least they're JPN; the English FAs are almost always printed with imperfections.
    elam18, Yep! It was close to my max bid (at about 30,500 JPY). Very happy to have won those cards. I am not sure whether to grade them or leave them sealed. :p
    elam18, Yep I jumped on that one! Will be having a bid placed and I've got my fingers crossed. :p Do you mind if I PM you a list of lesser cards that I am looking for?
    elam18, I'm only looking for a few at the moment so I can maintain focus on the cards I need from BW. Any chance you have the lottery Rayquaza and Giratina? :p
    elam18, If I happen to run into some extra cash I may take you up on that offer. Thank you very much!
    Thanks for your help. I wish I had sought out those cards a month ago when I had less limited funds. :p
    elam18, What else are they offering? I can try to match it. I'm trying not to spend too much money haha Where did you find it anyway?
    elam18, I joined a while back to do some other non Voltorb trades. Good luck with your selling! Also, let me know if you get that Plasma Electrode. I'll trade that Zekrom for it. Dont know if you saw my thread on the Gym.
    who's evilpacman? jk I joined because of a jumbo discussion. Also want to see if I can sell on here as well. Why you joined? Voltorbs/Electrode searching?
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