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  • Retiring from Head? Great work over the few months I've been years, and the apparent before!
    Still not sure if you were being serious, because I haven't watched the anime since I was around 12 maybe? I don't know for sure, but I was more wondering what led you to that assumption.
    Just got in extras of the following xy-p cards, if you are interested shoot me an offer :D

    1x 048/XY-P DelphoxEX Fire Lizardon Mega Battle participation prize
    3x 059/XY-P Pangoro Fighting Rising Fist booster box purchase
    3x 038/XY-P HawluchaEX Fighting Mega Lucario Box
    Hi, Omahanime. For trades does the two-week waiting period start once the trade has been confirmed or once one of (or both of?) the traders have shipped?
    omahanime, I'll set those aside. Probably won't include chespin though as I think it'll be easier to sell those three together than piece them out.

    On your trade and selling threads you have a few BW series Korean Cards, but no XY ones

    Do you have any XY ones available?
    So barring anything unforeseen (like last time when I misread "4 available" as "set of 4" in japanese) I have extra of the following incoming in the next few weeks. Anything you want me to set aside for you?

    031/XY-P Goodra Dragon Wild Blaze booster box purchase
    032/XY-P Fiery Torch I Wild Blaze Commemoration Campaign
    034/XY-P Chespin Grass Charizard Mega Battle Pack
    035/XY-P Fennekin Fire Charizard Mega Battle Pack
    036/XY-P Froakie Water Charizard Mega Battle Pack
    039/XY-P Shiftry Grass
    040/XY-P Spheal Water
    041/XY-P Meowstic Psychic
    042/XY-P Skrelp Psychic
    043/XY-P Tyrunt Fighting
    044/XY-P KrookodileEX Darkness
    045/XY-P Sliggoo Dragon
    046/XY-P Enhanced Hammer I
    047/XY-P Foul Play Coin I
    Hey! I got the Coro Coro Ichiban with Pyroar. :D They were 905 Yen, rather than 520 (the regular Coro Coro). They apparently have different versions of the magazine (three in total). Do you still want it for that price? If you do you can PM me your address etc. so I can ship.
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