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  • And now it's been 10 years since DP! What's crazier is that it's already been 3 years since we talked about this. D:
    Someone give me motivation to move. I've sat all week and still don't want to do anything. ;-;
    By moving you can get the remote to watch Netflix :p
    Seriously though, it will make you feel good and confident.
    If you find it too hard to do it by yourself, do it with/for someone else :)
    Brave Vesperia
    Brave Vesperia
    You have to move to live, so that's a good reason. :p

    In all seriousness though, you should try to be active. Whether it be by exercising, going to work or just hanging out with friends/family and being social. I know it's fun to be at home and we all have lazy days, but being active is fun too. :)
    Etrian Odyssey IV has consumed my life. If I'm still playing by next week after a few days of work I'll know hope of escape is truly lost.
    The last day of work before your days off is always the hardest to psych yourself up for. :c
    My mind is stuck between getting Story of Seasons, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Rune Factory 4, Project Mirai DX, or Splatoon... Shush, wallet.
    I wish that I could have drawn this. I royally suck at drawing. I just edited part of the cheek so it didn't look too weird.
    Three years in the making, eh? Can we get three years of members back, too? Bring back the Beach life!
    SotS, Haha I find it so frustrating T_T Although since I made this my signature I don't think I've seen it misspelled once :p
    Yo. Concerning your post in the SSB thread... it's totally fine by me, but please try to avoid similar posts, as they can be considered mini-modding. In this case, I have already threatened the others, so I don't really mind, but just keep it as a side note:). By the way, what you said is true, but people tend not to understand.
    When I said I can't get into anything that is not Nintendo, I meant I can't get into anything not on Nintendo systems. I actually play 3rd party games. The 3rd party games/game series I like to play are:

    Tony Hawk
    Rollercoaster Tycoon
    Theme Park
    Dragon Quest
    Street Fighter
    The list goes on...

    So I don't just play 1st party games
    I tried out some of the games you mentioned:

    Rayman Legends: Played a demo on Wii U and liked it. I was going to get it when it first came out, but I decided to save up for Pokémon X and Y instead.

    Little Big Planet: Played a demo on PS Vita and it was okay but I got stuck.

    Fez and Teraway: played on Ps Vita and I didn't enjoy them. I also got stuck on those.

    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed: It's good but I still prefer Mario Kart.

    Mutant Mudds: Played some of it but haven't played it enough to give you a thought.

    Also take what I said about modern gaming with a grain of salt. Gaming is fine these days. I realized video games have the potential to be much more than a game where you just rack up points. They're not like board games where they are very limited in what they can be.
    SotS, it's more Pokemon-esque, yes, though the draw of the game is to collect as many monsters as possible (or so I've heard), so although it isn't quite in the same vein as DQM, it's similar.
    Sadly, MonHun is not the only game I don't play because of genre fatigue (RPGs and dungeon-crawlers have suffered the same fate).
    Monster Hunter.
    Your PSP needs it.
    While I do not dispute that Monster Hunter is a good series, I have already played enough of Dragon Quest Monsters to know that I would not be interested in the genre anymore at all.
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