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  • I love the signature hahaha. Seismitoad is one of the most commonly misspelled names I've seen in a long while.
    Pipotchi, Hey, no problem then!

    I am sorry about that, VirGen in a match-up that really gets under my skin, for I love to run Water based decks and VirGen eats them for brunch.

    I am really intriguided about the nature of politoed's ability and what to run a deck with it. However, I want to try to make it work competitively, probably I won't run it without energies at all.

    But you have done a great work already! Keep it up!
    Is good that you're scouting for ideas! :D If there's anything you need help with, just let me know and I'll gladly do my best to help you!
    Yeah, it usually is, specially with Pokémon lines. Have you thought about a Weavile deck, or Round one? They are actually very fun and are of the cheapest ones. Also a straight Fairy deck with 2 Resilient Life decks from XY and 2-3 Xerneas Tins works pretty well, a friend of mine did this and the deck is really strong.
    Hi, welcome to PokéBeach! Enjoy your time here! :D Do you have easy access to cards where you live? Because that's another factor when it comes to find what you need.
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