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  • Hey there, I was checking out your trade thread and saw that I had a couple of your wants. I have...

    1x Emboar #20 (RH)
    1x Emboar #19 (Theme deck holo)
    4x Pignite BW #17
    4x Tepig BW (60 HP)
    4x Energy Retrieval
    2x Vulpix (1 HS, CoL)

    I didn't really see anything I wanted from you but I'm wondering if you'd be interested in buying. I didn't post in your thread because this would be a sale not a trade and I didn't PM you because I just wanted to know whether you're interested or not. Let me know. =]
    Sorry about that Mark, I actually didn't even touch my buddy list since basically when I first started getting on PokeBeach.

    As for the Phase Molter hypothesis, I forget who made that up. Or if it was me. I don't remember. And this new layout is making it a pain to find lol.
    Fact: Your phase Moltres hypothesis made me lawl so much, I'm putting that in my bio xD
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