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  • Afro-G, Yeah homeschooling is awesome xD

    I don't really need to see your list, I just figured that you ran tool scrapper because of dowsing machine which is pretty cool. My list pretty much auto loses to garbodor though since I don't run scrapper :p
    I only have to keep this splint on for one more week! (And my dads surgery went perfectly well. All he's got now is pain and stitches.)
    Afro-G, True that xD

    I normally don't socialize too much outside of pokemon though. Anyways I liked your rayeels deck, did it have Tool Scrapper?
    Afro-G, I'm assuming the holo one from Neo Genesis. That's worth anywhere from $15-40 depending on condition and whether or not the card is 1st edition. :)
    Afro-G, I was. I offered him some packs, but he declined
    Afro-G, I didnt tell him how I knew you, just that I did. :>

    Dude, he got so pissed when I beat him, he was crying. e_e

    I played some amazing games. How did you already hear about Adon getting 2nd? I beat him in swiss and then I 2-0'd him in top cut. He got so angry because apparently he needed the points more.
    Afro-G, Same here, I sorta feel weird just running up to people randomly and saying "hi I'm from pokebeach!" though next time I see you at a tourney I'll be sure to say hi. ;)
    Afro (if you even remember me lol) I'm going to Mass States. Anything you can tell me about the meta for Seniors?
    Speaking of Maine, the senior I faced in Top 2 was talking to another person about you in between rounds. I joined in and told them how lucky your afro was. :3

    Pretty good, spring break, checking out beach a little bit more. How has beach been? I haven't been around very much to see.
    Afro-G, The first time he had surgery was when my dad had skin cancer. :/

    Yeah, some kid bent my finger all the way back and twisted it. So now it's swollen and hurting beyond end. The Comic Con is in Spring sometime, and boy have I been preparing! I've got TONS of art I've done and waaay more coming along. Only problem is, that the finger that hurts is on my right hand. And I'm right handed.

    Well I'm very glad that everything is going good! Not bad, but not fantastic, but good!
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