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  • The Pikachu Mafia, I should let you know, I am going to stick to collecting for now. I am slowly gathering some deck materials (I am making a blastoise/mewtwo deck) currently.
    The Pikachu Mafia, When they gulp Snorlax you either Mewtwo it or Energy Press it and hope for the best.
    The Pikachu Mafia, Energy Press Coba, Enhanced Hammer, and Righteous Edge.


    No idea how well that works though :p
    The Pikachu Mafia, FluffyChomp was never good, especially in Japan. It's going to be Tier 1, but I always like to counter the meta rather than play it. Still trying to work out ways for KK to work :p
    The Pikachu Mafia, Top 8 nats*

    I have no clue what to play for nats though >_<
    The Pikachu Mafia, Thanks :p

    And will do, I've got my two byes so I'm all set :p
    The Pikachu Mafia, Oh alright, just thought I'd offer anyway. And yeah, that's just one of the reasons I run Dowsing Machine as my Ace Spec.
    The Pikachu Mafia, Oh I see, that's understandable. Seems we have similar personalities. #homeskoollyfe

    Oh yes, I definitely ran Tool Scrapper. As far as I know and from little experience without it, winning against a Garbodor varient would be near impossible. I'd be comfortable sharing the entire list if you're interested, just let me know.
    The Pikachu Mafia, Well it's not even so much that. I knew /exactly/ who you were. We introduced ourselves at regionals the other year and then I was especially quite. I mean, that's kind of my personality, but I've done more talking/joking around with other people I haven't played. Why treat our game any differently? lol.
    The Pikachu Mafia, Indeed we did. I almost feel bad for being as quiet as I was. I mean sure, I was focused on our game but that doesn't mean I can't try to generate some sort of talk. >.<
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