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  • Afro-G, Aw, I'm so touched! ^3^

    Well, everything in my life (almost everything) is going perfectly. Only bump in the road is that my dad is having surgery again.

    Also, I have to get an X-Ray tomorrow. Hoping my finger isn't sprained. :/

    I've been drawing, writing, singing somewhat, getting over fears and gaining new ones, and all. Also, been tripping a lot more. :p I'm also preparing some art to present at a Comic Con my dad's in. He's letting me be in it too! A dream come true! *squee!I ^3^

    How have you been? :3
    Afro-G, the professors have also been talking about it. One of them c/p'd a transcript of the exchange, and apparently the wording for Time Crystal and Garbotoxin is "different" enough to warrant this. I still don't agree, but here's the gist.

    Time Crystal has wording to the effect of Poke-Bodies "all don't work".
    Garbotoxin has wording to the effect of Abilities "all disappear".

    Thus, the translations we got for both of these cards are accurate. And apparently, the difference between "unable to use" and "isn't there at all" is enough to make the difference for Garbotoxin.

    It doesn't mean we agree, of course - I am vehemently against it and I'm not the only one. a judge...I have to enforce it if the situation arises.
    Afro-G, dude the mats that come with the game a okay. They're not the best but hey it can be moded. I wanted to mod the mat we got with a piece of wood and some duck tape(kind of like this one: )
    But that hasn't happened yet. Or put Velcro on the bottom.
    I know what cha mean. It's like "okay let's do this!" *starts in front of tv screen, next thing you know the song is over and your half way across the living room* xD

    Dude you could expert?! The only song I can do is flipping Cutie Chaser(DDR Max) and I'm still like "Oh geez!! Arrows... Arrows everywhere!!!"
    Afro-G, I just got a cheap on to start with because it came with one of the games. So I was like why not :D Just get "treated" when I play the arcade version at the mall. xD
    Yeah. My dad was more of an Xbox/ Nintendo man, so all i had growing up was gameboys and gamecubes. But I always wanted the games for the PS2 and he was like "No." And then I was like (Y-Y) *only plays the testing demos when at target* haha! remember those? xD
    Dude it's was worth the whole $20 I've spent on it so far xD Besides, it's great when you have friends over and you're like "remember this game?" and they're like "OMA!!! LETS PLAY!!!" or "I remember the times when i still saw arrows when I closed my eyes..." xD
    I've worked up to Standard again. What level do you play on? But I wish I was like this guy:
    Afro-G, Haha. Thanks :3 I just got done with one and I'm all nasty... haha xD It's like a calf and core work-out. (^_^") But that sucks man. I wasn't able to play for a while too. But then I got a dance mat from amazon and then used ps2 and like 5 DDR games. (They're super cheep! like $2 a game!!!) You should find some place with a machine or something man. You're missing out on all da fun!
    Afro-G, It's not that hard. Do you have a paypal? That makes things much more easier
    Afro-G, Just sell some Pokemon Card Singles. If you need help knowing what to sell just lmk. I have a pretty good grip on what's going to be good for nats.
    Afro-G, I has $0.10 and that is all :[

    I spent all of my money on Fire Emblem
    Afro-G, MPC is the my pokemon collection line of plushies.

    what is this favor you speak of
    Afro-G, i must helps you.

    This took a while to find:
    your special someone just got a shiny Terrakion out of 1 random pack
    what the hell
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