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  • PikabooPikachu, I did the same actually. It's not a huge deal because I had more play coins than I needed and I didn't even use some of them at all, but it's just bothersome because it was one of the few things I used consistently on my 3DS. What do you do, you just talk to people on the internet or though IM. : P As much fun as I had with Swapnote it's not exactly the most convenient thing anyway. If I just wanted to say something to someone chances are I would be able to message them just as easily using something else (dat Skype IMing). The thing I'd probably miss most is being able to send pics so easily although 3DS camera quality sucks.
    PikabooPikachu, That question seemed super random, then I realized by clothes you were still talking about Pokemon, lol. I didn't buy a ton of stuff, and every time I got something new it felt like my character looked even worse. :x But basically anytime was in the mood to buy clothes and arrived at a new town, I'd check it out and bought whatever looked okay. At the end of the game I was dressed in winter clothing and I have no idea why, lol. Yeah, no spotpass on Swapnote sucks. I've literally never received a note through streetpass so the "app" is basically useless at this point.
    PikabooPikachu, I feel your pain and know how annoying school work can be, but I'm also glad to hear things are going well. I'm sorry we didn't battle at all. I didn't hear anything, and yeah, the whole battle chat thing is kind of annoying just with the terrible quality of the 3DS mic. I didn't expect a challenge from you, people always ask me to battle and stuff but I'm always turned off by the thought of an uneven battle. I didn't want to beat you terribly or vice versa. :x But like, if you really want to battle feel free to challenge me again at some point. And oh yes, I'm loving this new game soooo much. Most fun I've had with Pokemon in a while. I kept track of the official spoilers, but none of the recent leaks. The storyline, majority of the characters and a decent amount of Pokemon are all unknown. I can't wait to discover everything.
    PikabooPikachu, Pretty good, especially now that my life feels more complete with Y. :3 Speaking of that, I can see that you've been enjoying X as well, hah. How've you been?
    PikabooPikachu, Haha, it's alright. What have you been up to? I imagine school has been keeping you busy. My summer was good for the most part. Not excited to be starting up school stuffs again but I'm working through it.
    PikabooPikachu, pretty good! Life is nice; classes are tedious but they're not too bad. I don't have as much spare time as I used to, but I try to keep myself open.
    Oh man, it's that special day! Happy happy happy birthday! Hope you have a great one! ^_^
    PikabooPikachu, I'm trying to process everything I just read...lol. It sounds like you're having quite a productive summer though. What exactly are you doing? Visiting relatives, just traveling with your family to see places? Oh yuss, the weather. Where I live there was a heatwave just a few days ago. I'm not a huge fan of hot weather, but I've learned that after a few 90 degree days anything cooler doesn't feel so bad anymore. How long is the drive/plane ride, and how long are you going to be out of town? Probably shouldn't be concerned about keeping yourself entertained, seems to me you have plenty of options, hah.

    I have...just a bit no interest in learning another language if I'm being completely honest. Recently I've been doing a bit more cooking and that's been pretty fun. Still not quite enough to keep me busy everyday, but I'm continuously looking for other good options that suit me.
    PikabooPikachu, Oh I see. Are you out of school yet? I keep hearing good things about this new Animal Crossing game. I enjoyed the past few ones, but at the same times wasn't a huge fan like some people.

    I'm doing well. Hoping to do /something/ productive this summer, but for the most part I've just been relaxing and enjoying the freedom that's upon me.
    PikabooPikachu, You're alive! How might you be doing this fine summer evening/whenever you decide to reply.

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    PikabooPikachu said:
    Anamanaguchi is pretty awesome :) I thought I was the only who still likes them. xD

    PikabooPikachu, Oh mayn, you drive such a hard bargain. I think you know that I'd be tempted to give you more than $50. ;~;
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