TEEHEE!!! (get the Ryan Higa ref xD) I'm PikabooPikachu. Nice to meet you. :)
I grew up with Pokemon and still love it, today. I have a little corner in my room where Pokemon stuff is placed (now on two shelves x3 and a backpack full of more Pokemon items on the floor). It gets bigger every years it seems... I collect anything Pokemon, so i have clothing, cards, video games, imports, toys, items I got when I went to Japan, plushs, etc.

It's a long list, so if you really feel like reading it be my guest.
Besides for Pokemon, I like hanging out with my friends (If you were on Chat New Years,1/16/12: I'm taco's friend!). It's always great to chat online in all, but you always have the most fun with your friends at their house. You go to the park, listen to complaining brothers, play Korean Barbie Dress up games, touch water towers, wonder in the woods, do jumping jacks at the mall. You know the usual. It's just fun!
Camping is just hanging out but five times better! Biking is good excuse and a nice way to get around. Exploring woods you never know what you're going to find (Rooster Teeth podcast xD) or build (yeah building bridges in da forest!). Reading manga and comics and every now in then a book with no pictures( :O GASP! I know... Good thing it's probably a Japanese classic literature book like "I Am a Cat" or "The Narrow Road to the Deep North") and watching anime, The Big Bang Theory, and How I Meet Your Mother; and talking about manga and anime with my friends is always a good past time! I like animals, too! My favorite animal is a panda. <3 Did you know? Panda's aren't really bears? They're more closely related to raccoons! I know... It blew my mind too.

I live a normal life: eat, live, sleep.

Here's a little something to tie you over:

I love music so much. I perfer using Nico Nico over Youtube because I like the way they do comments better!

~*~*~*Other things~*~*~*
1. Why do they make some anime characters really hot? It's like I don't know if I should find him to be hot?
2. 10 year old Ash has achieved more things than what did when I was his age.
3. Narwalls!
4. I picked all grass starters until Pokemon White. Then I went with water.
5. I don't ever drink soda. I live off of Kool-aid, open leaf teas, apple juice, water, and Villain Bean Frappuccinos from Starbucks.
6. Taemin is the dancing god of the Kpop
7. I listen to K-Pop and J-Pop, so if you know of any good bands...
8. I like Duck Tape
9. I use to use Alex2637 for everything... But I came up with PikabooPikachu and it sounds much cooler than Alex>insert random numbers here<
10. Pokebeach is about the only forums I ever go on now.

~*~*~*~*~*~*My Top Ten Pokemon*~*~*~*~*~*~
I've been looking at my buddies and other people's profiles... They have one of these so I made one... Even If I only have five favorites.... Beware... I favorite Pokemon most of the time based on character design and cuteness, not by strength or power...

1. Arcanine
Arcanine has always been one of my favorites! He's just so cute, cool, and mysterious!!! He is also good member for in game teams. Plus he's FLUFFY!!!

2. Lucario
I never knew about Lucario until the man in blue gave me an egg. Inside was the cutest little puppy dog Pokemon ever, Riolu! I raised him up and then he turned into a cool, but still cute, Lucario. I just love their ears and the little spikes they have on their hands. It reminds me of some kind of fighting glove. Maybe I'm thinking about Knuckles from Sonic? xD But who cares! He's still an awesome!!!

3. Pikachu
He's cute and cuddlely! Enough said...

4. Dragonite
Dragonite is strong and awesome. Even if it takes for ever to evolve him, I still love him! This is also another one of the few Pokemon I raised up to Lv100... The 2nd one Lv. 100 actually.
5. Treecko
Treecko was my 1st Pokemon ever! (That's right! I started my journey with Pokemon Ruby!) I nicknamed him Like! Oh... Back in those days when I had just started my journey into the Pokemon video games... Ah... And when we get to take another journey into Hoenn, I will get another Treecko and nickname him Like Jr.!!!

6. Miccino
Miccino is cute in the game. Having all those scarves. Trying to make its own fashion statement! But I never really cared about it until its card in Pokemon Black and White set. It would of went great for some kind of Jumpuff deck, but that won't be happening due to TypoRam :\

7. Ampharos
I remember having one in Silver... It was really good and uber adorable. Then The battery died in the game.... Sadly Ampharos did not make it.... But Ampharos did come back in Soul Silver, so I stuck on in my in-game team! I raised up Mareep and it evolved into Flaffy. Flaffy was giving the nickname Strawberry because of its pink fluff. Then it evolved once again... It's still named Strawberry.

8. Ghost
Yeah... You remember Ghost, the unattackable, uncapturable thing in Lavender Town. Ghost may not be a real Pokemon, but is kind of cool and creepy. Great for creepypasta stories. I also find him to be unique and feel like everyone kind of forgets about him.

9. Ditto
He's the best thing that ever happened in breeding! With out him, I don't know how I would of filled the PokeDex!!!!

10. Deino
I love this cute, blind dino. He has a super cute character design and he was one of the Pokemon I was looking forward to with the release of gen 5.


Help Spread the Fail Whale!!!


Me: oh it was scary
Isaac: oh
Isaac: yeah...
Isaac: I heard about that
Isaac: I doubt they're lying, but I don't think I'm actually going to try that myself
Me: sorry
Me: I'm laughing
Me: yes. that's good to know

[16:44] <Isaac> [14:42] <Afro-G> Isaac will wear skinny jeans for you... <----don't lie, Afro

PikabooPikachu hugs you
[21:44] <PikabooPikachu> did it work?
[21:44] <Afro-G> Who's you...?
[21:44] <PikabooPikachu> you, Afro-G
[21:45] <Afro-G> Me, Afro-G?
[21:45] <PikabooPikachu> yes you Afro-G
[21:45] <Afro-G> And you, PikabooPikachu, are giving me a hug?
[21:46] <PikabooPikachu> yes, I, PikabooPikachu, am giveing you, Afro-G, a hug
[21:47] <Afro-G> And why is this again?
[21:47] <PikabooPikachu> Because you fell bad
[21:47] <PikabooPikachu> and hugs make things better
[21:47] <PikabooPikachu> *feel
Oh yes
[21:47] <Afro-G> Do I still feel bad?
[21:47] <PikabooPikachu> I don't know
[21:48] <PikabooPikachu> Do you?
[21:48] <Afro-G> What if I do still feel bad?
[21:48] <PikabooPikachu> Do you still feel bad?
[21:49] <Afro-G> What happens though, if I do?
[21:49] <PikabooPikachu> I haven't choosen yet /: So...
[21:50] <Afro-G> Awwwhh...
[21:50] <Afro-G> Well, I think I'm okay now
[21:50] <PikabooPikachu> YEAH!

<DNA> lololololololol
[19:38] <PikabooPikachu> but now i can't picture him as anything else
[19:38] <PikabooPikachu> wait
[19:38] * DNA waits
[19:39] <PikabooPikachu> let's make him be blond and advage height and weight and...
[19:39] <DNA> ...I am all those things
[19:40] <PikabooPikachu> NO!!! You had brown hair!!
[19:40] <PikabooPikachu> ugh.. oh well
[19:40] <DNA> well
[19:40] * PikabooPikachu switches the two looks with each other
[19:40] <DNA> my hair is mostly brown
[19:40] <DNA> but also partly blonde

[19:40] <PikabooPikachu> is it shinny?
[19:41] <DNA> shinny?

<taco> ponytas cant burn me!
[19:29] <taco> >:D
[19:29] <taco> it was supposed to be evil
[19:29] <PikabooPikachu> How does that even work?
[19:30] <taco> I coat myself in cool whip so i dont burn.
[19:30] <PikabooPikachu> Would whip cream work?
[19:30] <DNA> *cool hwip
[19:30] <taco> NO. it must be cool whip.
[19:30] <DNA> *cool hwip
[19:30] <taco> Because then you can say it funny.

[18:15] <Pikaboo> go take your shower
[18:15] <Afro-G> Dun boss meh around
[18:15] <Pikaboo> okay then don't go take a shower!
[18:16] <Afro-G> Oh I'm taking a shower
[18:16] <Afro-G> Whether you like it or not
[18:17] <Pikaboo> fine then take a shower
[18:17] <Afro-G> I WILL!
[18:17] <Afro-G> And you're gonna be here when I return
[18:17] <Afro-G> And if not then uhhh...
[18:17] <Pikaboo> fine!
[18:17] <Afro-G> You will be...at some point...in the near future
[18:17] <Afro-G> YEAH
[18:18] <Afro-G> kthxbai!<3
[18:18] <Pikaboo> bye
[18:18] * Afro-G skips off singing
Aug 1, 1996 (Age: 27)
Someday in Shibuya
-Vidoe games
-hanging out con mis amigos
TCG/VG Accomplishments
Won a game with a really bad deck (I'm talking like store bought)... against my friend who also had a some what good deck deck!:D
30th/35 Battle Roads Autumn 2011
34th/ 42 Champions 2011

-completed Soul Silver PokeDex (my 1st dex every completed (T^T)
-Beat Pocket Monster (*cough* the Japanese version game*cough cough*) White 2
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PM if you want to be 3DS buddies (^_^)
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