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  • PikabooPikachu, Oh yuss, food is simply amazing. Haha, oh really? I must hold you to that. Years down the line when I'm living on my own I'll have to track you down and say "Remember when you said so and so?" and make you regret saying that. :x
    PikabooPikachu, Been doing pretty well, currently have some family visiting so the past few days have been pretty fun.

    Easter morning I got up at about 6:30 to attended a sunrise service at 7:00. Think it's my third time doing so and it's always pretty fun. The service part is probably about 20 minutes outside and then we go in afterwards and share a nice breakfast. Besides that, my mom cooked a big meal for dinner that was overall very wonderful.

    I guess I'd say the highlight of my Easter was food. x3
    PikabooPikachu, Happeh Easter! ^.^

    How have you been? Do you celebrate Easter and if so how did that go?
    PikabooPikachu, Ahh, I gotcha. So you were into it once and then got back into it just recently. The period I played only lasted like...a year tops I think, lol. And that was like...the only time I ever played the game. I think the main reason is because we had one of the mats that came with the game. So like...it broke. If you want to seriously get into the game then a higher quality mat is definitely better. I remember the thing we had would slide on the floor while we were playing...even when the stuff on the bottom was supposed to prevent that. >.< (totally rambling here...)

    Unfortunately this is pretty poor quality, *link* but I remember being proud of being able to complete that song when I was at just about my best.
    PikabooPikachu, Lolnasty. At least the feeling of nasty lets you know you got a good workout therefore more accomplishment. What kinda dance mat exactly? I know there's pretty cheap ones that would come with the games but higher quality mats really pay off. You didn't already have a PS2? And Ikr?! Games like DDR and Guitar Hero are expensive with accessories, but alone...crazy cheap! I'd honestly love to play again, just don't feel like it's worth the time, money, or effort at this time. What difficulty do you play on? :eek:
    *finishes stalking profile*

    DDR workouts? You seriously just got a whole lot cooler. DDR is so awesome, sadly...I haven't been able to play in a few years. :[
    PikabooPikachu, so...it's just one tiny bit of the game. You should have said so, silly!

    And I'm being for real; I don't use sarcasm. Watching their crazy dance steps is awe-inspiring.
    PikabooPikachu, lol bias. And I've played games before with "Pokemon aspects". They don't. They really don't. They wind up inferior.

    Ah, you've seen one of those guys who is awesome at DDR? They are SO amazing to watch.
    PikabooPikachu, hahaha, that is very true! You have fun doing something and you'll want to do it more! Makes perfect sense.
    And I don't know anything about Ni no Kuni, other than a lot of people have been playing it.
    PikabooPikachu, mm, that's understandable. You are busy, after all.
    Your PS? What on earth does PS stand for? Political Science?
    PikabooPikachu, Ah I see. Sounds like fun quite honestly. I've never been bowling myself and it'd probably be one of those things someone would have to push me to do but I'm sure I'd enjoy it after I tried it.

    But you know, when you do have the free time, stopping by Pokebeach is a great time to use it. :3
    PikabooPikachu, Bowling? Does that take up a lot of time? I always think of bowling as that once in a while hobby just for fun.

    The beach has missed you. Something like that...
    PikabooPikachu, Okay fiiiinnee. We'll look at the brighter, more pleasant side and say things are good.

    Don't think we've really talked much in a while. School been keeping you busy?
    PikabooPikachu, Changing my avatar from something cool to nothing at all? Sounds like things are declining instead...
    PikabooPikachu, Oh I see, hah. Apparently I can't detect jokes too well. Ehhh, I don't know, I'm honestly not in the best mood. Today wasn't even particularly bad, I'm not sure what it is, but I can clearly tell that my mood isn't anywhere near it's full potential and could be better.

    ...Or maybe that's just regular me like you said. The same me that always has a lot to say and somehow finds large responses to 1-2 sentences. >.<
    PikabooPikachu, It does??? I'm not looking forward to it! D: Also apparently I was in a bad mood when I typed that previous message...lol.
    PikabooPikachu, I don't know, no more fun long Thanksgiving weekend? Back to regular boring life? Something like that...
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