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  • PikabooPikachu, Hah, I suppose you're right about that. I actually thought about changing it recently but couldn't really come up with any decent ideas. Part of the reason it's hard is just because I still like my current one quite a bit still, lol.

    Oh I see. I think that's mostly good news, giving you extra time to study. That means the food will be so good it'll keep you from worrying and make you nothing but happy, or it'll be so good that you'll have trouble focusing. Either way the food will be great. xP

    And yayz! Happy early Thanksgiving right back at ya! I think that implies I should know what "Qoo" is so I'm going to take a guess and say it's some sort of beverage because I think I recall you saying something about saving something like that. Boy that was a vague statement... >.<
    PikabooPikachu, Oh I see. I'm sure you'll do well on that. When someone I know says that they're worried about a test to me it usually ends up being so much easier than they expected. xP

    I'm doing pretty well. Can't say there's anything in particular on my mind to reflect that statement but I'm not upset or down at anything so naturally I feel pretty good. Glad to hear you're doing rather nicely as well. :]
    PikabooPikachu, Oh okay, never had those before. Judging by the commercials I've seen for it throughout most of my life, I'm missing out big time. Oh and that's for making be feel better about your video or whatever it was...
    PikabooPikachu, Sounds like a great loss for me...

    There's a cereal simply called puffs? Maybe I've heard of it and the image isn't coming to mind... Either way, cereal sounds nice.
    PikabooPikachu, Yes, yes you should. Sandwiches fix that rather nicely for me.

    "This video is not allowed to embed by the owner.
    Please watch it on niconico.com"
    PikabooPikachu, Lol, so guess that's supposed to mean we're even. Anyway, I actually caught you online, what's up? :eek:
    You would quote something from our most recent chat and toss it in your profile. It also had to be one of the most questionable things I said. >.<
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