Introduce Yourself!

Hey all, I used to play PTCG years ago- the last event I went to was the Stormfront prerelease back in 2008. I played around a little bit during the BW2 era, but that was mostly "buy a structure deck for me and one for my brother and play each other with those". I've been a Pokemon fan since it came out in the west, mostly with the games, but lately I've been in a PTCG mood thanks to USUM, so I hope to get more into the competitive aspect of it. I also play YGO to some degree of competition, but the Links format really got me messed up with a good number of my decks :/.
Hi, everybody! I'm Gabi! I'm currently an animation student in NYC, and I've been a fan of pokemon for over a decade now! I started *really* watching the anime when Diamond and Pearl came out and saw some news on this site, but by now I've seen just about every episode, movie, and special out there. I've been visiting pokebeach for so long, I figured it's about time I created an account on here.

I collect plush and anime merch for the most part, but I do purchase the cards when i see some artwork I particularly like. I used to play competitively in the tcg, but the best I've managed to do was 2nd place at a battle roads.
I was a winner of the pokemon art academy contest a while back, and you might recognized my chespin card. (he's my favorite pokemon)

Feel free to say hi, I'm always down for chattin'!
Oh, I guess I'm here now

I'm Cilantro, I've been a fan of Pokemon since Generation 3. While I don't play the games, I keep up with all the latest news and events. I'm a major fan of the Pokemon TCG, and I get cards whenever I can. I'm good friends with @MegaPod_781, as he's the reason I've joined.

If you want to message me, that's fine, although i'm awkward in conversation.
Hey guys. Long time no see. It's been about 3 years or so since I was last active, but here I am again! I'm your resident Machamp fan. While I like Pokemon, and play the VG and TCG, I've taken quite a shining to Puyo Puyo lately. Howdidy doo!

Oh hey, I remember you from way back when! Welcome back. (Sorry, I'm a little late.)
Just introducing myself. I have been playing Pokémon since RB first came out. I skipped generations 4 and 5, and started back up with XY. Trained about 15 Pokémon for IVs/EVs and did some WiFi battles. This generation really got me going again, and I have almost 30 Pokémon ready for competitive battling now. Very rusty since it’s been since RSE that I fought competitively regularly. I’ll probably be starting a lot of topics on specific Pokémon discussions for movesets. I stick with my favorites, so they’ll be a mix of OU, UU and RU.

Happy to be here and be in a community where we can discuss Pokémon battling without constant trolling!
Hello. Been playing and collecting for about a year, insist on playing Creep Show Gengar, and am probably way too old for this, but WHATEVER! Too much fun.
Hello everyone,

My name is ziggy im 24
Ive played pokemon before, but quited a few years.
Right now im mostly playing on ptcgonline to praktisch

Feel free to add me if u like : ziggyman164432
Ye i already asked pokemon to change the account since its an old one...

Anyway have fun.
Greetz ziggy:)
Hello everyone! Long time Poke-fan here. I'm from England but currently live in Guangzhou, China.

-Why you joined?
I've been an avid lover of Pokemon since it all started back in the 90s and I enjoy Pokemon discussion very much.

-Where you found of about PB?
I've known about this website for years just from internet searches looking for Pokemon news around the time hype is generally building for a big release.

I'll do this one together since they seem to go hand in hand. I like to travel as much as I can so I love researching new places to go explore whenever I have the time to. Also, as I currently live in China, learning and practising my Chinese. Besides that the usual, hanging out with friends, reading/watching things that appeal to my interests.

-Anything else you want us to know about you?
I'm male and 25 years old. I like to think of myself as approachable so just ask!
hello, I am 25 years old and my favourite Pokemon is Delibird. He's a good boy.

I joined pokebeach as I was interested in the tournaments (even though I am on GMT time).

My hobbies include playing Pokemon TCG (Of course) and playing my metal rocker bard in D&D.

That's about it,

Hi all, NEW(ish) to all the Pokemon world i started to play PTCGO last year 2017 in my spare time but didnt do too much, then went out and brought some cards but did have the time and money to invest in playing the game. Found the site off the back of a Google search whilst looking for deck lists...

Now looking to get playing again with the new expansion coming out i have started to play more regular online (still not brave enough to hit a store or a pre release !)

Im in the UK based in the midlands, im a Media and Marketing manager by day and a Football Manager at night and on the weekends.

Hope to get my daughter involved in the game so that i can get to stores with her and not feel too out of place i guess.

My username is Wayupnaduck
yo! whats up yall, new to the forum so i figured i'd find my way to an intro thread.

you can call me jade~~ i bounce around the east coast a lot and currently find myself living in a small city in delaware. i'm a shiny hunter and vgc player that recently got back into tcg after not collecting since probably 2005-2006, and got into actually playing tcg in league/local card shops even more recently. i found this site after finding deriums/hearing them talk about it, and also peeped that there was a trading section, which is, what i'm all about!

really looking forward to making some trades with some of yall in the future :*)

add me on ultra sun/moon and lets do some vgc 18 battles too!! :~)
So I realized that i never actually posted here when I joined. Whoops. Anyways, you might already know me, if you keep an eye on the tcg part of the website (I don't do much art, VG, or other stuff). I first found out about Pokebeach a long time ago, if 4-5 years is a long time. I finally joined to try and get advice on my Fairy Box deck, but am now doing a lot of advice giving, memeing, and both simultaneously. My hobbies are Pokemon (obviously), tennis, video games, and anime. I am very much a supporter of the more rogue style decks, and am almost always ready to give someone my advice about playing what decks are comfortable as opposed to more meta. You see, I'm still making decks that are mostly from 2015 or earlier. My best decks are Fairy Box and Ray/Eels, if that let's you know what kind of player I am. I partly play them because I don't have a steady stream of income (because I don't have a job. I may or may not be fixing that problem this summer, though), but largely for two other reasons. The first is that they are comfortable (I'll spare you the talk about why I like that). The second reason is for styling on people new to the game. Nothing joys me more than beating the people (usually 11-12 year olds, since older people know better) who assume that they're miles better than you because they have stuff like Tapu Lele GX, and beating them with stuff that probably stopped being meta before they even started playing.

I apologize if that sounds kind of rude. It's just that I once went up against this one boy who basically kept implying that I had no clue how to play, gave me advice (which was incorrect advice. He told me I should have benched a Rayquaza EX when i needed the spot for a Keldeo, or something like that), and made misplays himself. He attached a DCE that let my teched Tapu Koko GX one shot him, went for chip on my Rayquaza instead of focusing my Eels when he used Espon GX's GX attack (he was playing a Gengar Spread deck, so he could have easily set up to just sweep multiple of my Eels), and then literally like didn't notice when I manually attached three fire energy to a Rayquaza EX when I literally Skyla's for a Lysandre to get his Tapu Lele for the game winning KO. He then went on and told his brother, who's deck he was borrowing after he beat me because I made one misplay the game before and lost (you basically have to play perfectly with older decks or you're doomed), that he needed to fix his deck, because obviously there's a massive problem if I could beat it.

Really sorry about that. Sometimes I just kinda type and don't think too much. Overall, I very much am in love with how nice the Pokemon community is, so please don't take this as me insulting any of you guys. Basically all the people on Pokebeach are awesome people.

I should stop talking before I say something stupid(er). I guess it was a little late, and a little long, but that's my introduction.

TL;DR: I like Pokemon, just don't enjoy people who are disrespectful.
Uh hi
I kinda get banned from everywhere. Except one site that shut down. But anyways. I have a tendency to be random and on the last forums I was on half my posts in a section for random messages were spam. Don't know why. Guess no site meets my demands.
Hey guys, i just joined pokebeach as a paid subscriber right away. Mainly because of the high quality articles.

I have a nine year old son who has stopped wanting to play pokemon. I have high hopes for my five year old who has a basic understanding of the game and has had some success in the trainer challenge section of ptcgo.

I was crushed by the banning of forest of Giant plants(though agree with the decision).

I am also a hater of night March decks.

I hope enter the March tournament.
Hi everyone! I’m Hermes! I got a referral from a friend that this was the best place to trade Pokémon cards, so here I am! I hope I’ll have the opportunity to get to know some of you along the way! I hope I’ll be able to stay! :)
Hi! Zero here! I am an avid Pokémon fan (obviously) and love playing the TCG and making fake cards! (I already have a fakes thread!)
Heyo! .MG here. I love Pokemon since i was little and had been unsure on joining forums on the latter time for being to busy studying.
Anyways, love Pokemon games, cards, and pretty much anything related. Feel free to leave a message if you wanna chat (always in a good mood) :3

Also, anybody remember Vdex or Pokemon Crater? :p
Ey I'm new here. Just wanted to become part of some sort of real Pokémon community. Most people I know have moved on from Pokémon. This website is great for keeping up with TCG news.
Also I am always up to trade in the video game :)
Hello everyone! Im Lux, i'm a 14 year old that has been a fan of Pokemon since XY was released.
I found about PokeBeach by looking at the leaked cards for Future Expansions,
Im interested at both the Trading Card game, and the main series games...

Im a trading card collector,a pokemon trainer in game, and sometimes, a moba player....

Time for me to explore the wilderness of the Trading Card Game, explore the competitive side, and to become a good tcg player!