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  1. BloodMoonNymph Blood Moon Nymph


    Hi~! *waves* I am Sam. Just Sam. I am non binary and a bit of a goth. I am from Canada. I love photography, singing, going out with friends, and of course playing pokemon.
    I am getting a Switch Lite at the end of the month with Sw/Sh and LGE.

    I guess I'll check out the rest of the board now. <3 BMN

  2. Clam Almost decent


    Hi I enjoy peoples, food and of course games although im pretty positive im not very helpful and I guess i'm trying to be a slightly better person
  3. Dravinator Poké Fanatic


    Hi everyone, I'm Draven. I'm Canadian, and I enjoy gaming, being with friends, and going outdoors. I have played the PTCG and the Pokemon main series games since I was 5 (though I only collected the cards back then), so I have been a Pokemon fan for most of my life. I watched the anime a few times, so I have barely dabbled in its greatness, but I watched in the BW-XY days, so I am aware that the XY finale was
    totally rigged and that Ash should've won.

    I joined mainly to get deck help, but ended up doing more for the community (in my head at least) and meeting new people. You may find me in forums (more often than not, starting them), so if you have any questions, I will try to answer in the best way possible.

    Nuff said. (Gen 3-5 supremacy)
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  4. wow i honestly cannot believe that i have not done this yet

    Well, hello, people! I am TLS, and I have been here for 4 years now, and I have not done this yet!

    about me... hmm. I want to be helpful, but i can tend to be annoying sometimes so if i overstep any boundaries, please tell me. I have been doing pretty okayish at the TCG, with a few top 128 finishes and one top 64 this year in masters. I do extremely poorly at cups and challenges, so i still dont have my worlds invite.

    I tend to procrastinate on a lot of things, and i put very little effort into things I don't enjoy doing. I have been working on this, so i spend less time on here now. I usually come here when I am bored and I don't have much to do.

    I am overall a somewhat boring person who attempts to type funny things on the internet.

  5. Fangarde Drohn is love, Drohn is life...


    Hey everyone, It's been awhile and I don't think I ever actually posted in here so I may as well do it now that I plan on being back.

    So you may remember me from irc chat as Gardy or gamefreak33797 but I changed my site name to Fangarde and now it's stuck. I used to visit the site every day for a solid two years then I just sorta fell out of visiting. Oh well.

    I am a big fan of the games and the show, other than that I just like to relax and chill.
  6. Mora Don't Panic

    Forum Mod Member

    Not sure if I remember you, but I definitely remember "Drohn is love Drohn is life". In any case, welcome back! :p
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  7. Serperior 464/500

    Advanced Member Member

    I feel like I remember the name "gamefreak33797" in my time on the forum. Regardless if I actually do or not, welcome back!
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  8. Ice Arceus #Jovimohnaeliackvid
    Ice Arceus

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    Welcome back, Fangarde! I remember seeing you around the forums before, and I feel we might have chatted on a couple of occasions. Anywho, welcome back to the Beach!
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  9. AdrianBludfang Aspiring Trainer


    Its been 6 years. 6 years since I was last here. Last seen September 30th 2014. People probably wondered where I went. But now I am back. I was formerly CJBlazer X87 the founder of the Gildor Region. Now I go by Adrian Bludfang and I'm older now. I rejoined and planning to stay again. This place was my home years ago and hope it can be once more. I am a huge pokemon fan, and overall gamer. That much hasn't changed at all. I am friendly and love to write and chat with friends and make new ones. So yeah I'm back and this time to stay. It is hard to believe it's been 6 years though...feels like forever.
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  10. Takadakeyo Aspiring Trainer


    Hey Im Taka from Honolulu, HI and I have been into collecting and playing the games since I was little and every year since then, my love for Pokemon has kept growing. Now we have a youtube channel that covers lots of aspects of pokemon from the TCG to the games!
  11. WeebBiscuit Aspiring Trainer


    hey guys, WeebBiscuit here

    Long time lurker, been playing for a couple years now. I joined bc i always find myself coming to the page bc friends share all the articles with me and thought that it's time i come into the mix.

    i love pokemon, anime, traveling, and being a meme nut

    That is all. Thank you for all the great content
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  12. AdorableGengar Gengar fan


    Hello everyone! I’ve been a fan of Pokemon since I played red/blue. As you can tell by my name, I really, REALLY like Gengar. I love his design and his playful personality in the anime.
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