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  1. HolofoilStarmie I need all of the cards


    That's brilliant, I always love hearing when it's a shared hobby :)
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  2. SlowPokéDad Aspiring Trainer


    My son has been into Pokémon since the early 90's and has been on and off over the years..
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  3. BloodMoonNymph Blood Moon Nymph


    Hi~! *waves* I am Sam. Just Sam. I am non binary and a bit of a goth. I am from Canada. I love photography, singing, going out with friends, and of course playing pokemon.
    I am getting a Switch Lite at the end of the month with Sw/Sh and LGE.

    I guess I'll check out the rest of the board now. <3 BMN
  4. Clam Almost decent


    Hi I enjoy peoples, food and of course games although im pretty positive im not very helpful and I guess i'm trying to be a slightly better person
  5. Dravinator Poké Fanatic


    Hi everyone, I'm Draven, and I am 13 years old. I'm Canadian, and I enjoy gaming, being with friends, and going outdoors. I have played the PTCG and the Pokemon main series games since I was 5 (though I only collected the cards back then), so I have been a Pokemon fan for most of my life. I watched the anime a few times, so I have barely dabbled in its greatness, but I watched in the BW-XY days, so I am aware that the XY finale was
    totally rigged and that Ash should've won.

    I just started playing the TCGO as well, my IGN is Draven100.

    I joined mainly to get deck help, but ended up doing more for the community (in my head at least) and meeting new people. You may find me in forums (more often than not, starting them), so if you have any questions, I will try to answer in the best way possible.

    Nuff said. (Platinum is a great game, possibly the best)
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