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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Shining Raikou, Oct 30, 2012.

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    Introduce Yourself!


    This is a thread for new members to introduce themselves. Feel free to post an introduction, as well as things like:

    • Why you joined!
    • Where you found out about PB!
    • Your interests!
    • Hobbies!
    • Anything else you want us to know about you!
    Thread Rules - Please read before posting!
    1. If you just joined in the last 3 months or less, please use THIS THREAD.
    2. Members that joined over 3 months ago, who want to mention why they joined, click and post here in this thread.
    3. Use the quick reply at the bottom of this thread to leave your introduction. Do not reply directly to this post.
    4. Want to say hello to new members? Please visit the member's profile and leave a comment there. Do not reply to their posts in this thread.
    :) Welcome to PB! We hope you enjoy your stay! :)

  2. TheEpicBidoof Aspiring Trainer


    Well hey there guys im David / TheEpicBidoof ive been a fan of pokemon for as long as i can remember xD.
    im 15 and live in the UK and currently doing my GCSE's.
    i am currently a big fan of the tcg sadly ive only ever been to 2 prereleases since there are no events in or near to the city i live in but i shall be attending a boundaries crossed prerelease in 2 weeks time :D.
    i have 3 completed decks at the moment including Zekeels, Ninetails/Amoongus and Terrakion Garbodor (garbage bulls).
    just feel free to add me and ill talk about anything pokemon (tcg, video games etc;)
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  3. Mewtwomaster Aspiring Trainer


    Hi i'm Mewtwomaster. Duh. Anyway I like the TCG, am trying to get really good at it, but theres no league except for 2 hours driving from me. Anyway I have collected for a long time but recently am trying to get really good at it, (i already said that) I have only been to a league once so I can't test many ideas. I have researched a lot in the past maybe month or two, did tons of stuff yesterday including reading tons of articles etc... anyway i have questiony for whoever wants to answer questiony. OK so i know what archetype means i thinks, like where it revolves around one idea etc. And I have heard other (i forget what they all are) types of decks, but to me I can't think of anything that would'nt be archetype except for useless theme decks. :/ . Anyway yeah so thats it.
  4. PkmnTrainerAbram Aspiring Trainer


    PTA, from GameFAQS here. I like sunsets, long walks on the

    Seriously, I'm a 29 year old freelance rookie illustrator who loves Pokemon, Street Fighter, and has an interest in studying Japanese to learn how to read it, though working on the whole speaking'listening portion as well. I'm pretty easy to get along with and like to joke at times. Can't really name anything else at the moment as I gotta go to work, but I'd be a pretty bland person if I could be desribed completely in one forum post, lol.

    Well, nice to meet you guys anyway.
  5. pokemonshinyhunter007 Champion of the Unova Region!


    hey guys my name is pokemonshinyhuter007 and as you can tell, i am currently hunting shinies in the english version of pokemon white. i have only come across two legit in that game. but one was an audino when i first got the game and was a noob and didnt understand shinies, so i killed it and didnt see another for six months. a shiny shelmet that is now an accelgor. i'm here to chat about whatever, and if you want to chat, feel free to send me a pm! and as a final note, good luck for your upcoming battles and i hope you have more luck with shinies than i do!! :)
  6. skatedragon Aspiring Trainer



    i have joined pokebeach cause i like to discuss deck ideas.
    i found out about pokebeach at a nearby league.
    i like gaming, pokemon tcg, althletics etc
    i also paint lord of the rings miniature figures

    greetings from skatedragon
  7. minuteone Up and coming


    I had been absent from the industry for a long time and I have decided to come back. I don't play the card game but am really interested in the cards. I had been collecting loose cards but now have focused my attention on graded pokemon cards. My only interests are in PSA 10 or BGS 9.5 or higher cards.

    This is a great hobby and I enjoy admiring my cards and other members collections. I am not a trader.
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  8. CrystalEyeMonster Aspiring Trainer


    Hello, my name is Jarod Morales, I am here because of the trade feature mainly, and to put my input on top tier decks etc. I want to become one of the best in the game.
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  9. ctrl+alt+aria Aces high


    Hey everyone, my name is Alec i'm 20 years old and am from Canada, I am currently living with my Girlfriend in Australia.
    I was a huge fan of pokemon when I was younger I grew out of it for my high school years and now I am back, I started playing the TCG a few months ago (shortly after Dragons Exalted was released).

    I found this site just googling about pull rates for dragons exalted and scans and stuff and have been reading a lot of competitive and deck garage threads since then.

  10. SMPGaming PokeTuber & Partner


    :O DESTROMA <3
    (BTW Guys, search this guy on YouTube, his TCG Archive is WICKED!)

    *Cough*, sorry got sidetracked xD

    I am SMPGaming, a YouTuber, who uploads Pokemon WiFi battles & TCG Online matches along with other games & pokemon related stuffs. I mainly came here to post some of my TCG Decks, see what you guys think and get involved with the community.

    ^^ I look forward to talking to you all ;3
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  11. Hello. I'm.... better not tell.
    I would really like a tutorial of how to make a good pokemon profile picture. I'm just a guy who would want to join pokebeach because I have stuff to say and problems that I'm encountering.

    Hope to talk to you guys and help me a bit please.. I'm new.


    Thx All
  12. skydrag Aspiring Trainer


    Hello all, my name is skydrag and i´m a new member xD
    I´m from Portugal and i started playing Pokemon TCG a few years ago, however i have done a little break. I started playing again one week ago, so i'm trying to get updated. Oh ye, i forget to mention this earlier, i´m 18 years old and i found this website at a Facebook group for the Portuguese tcg players.
    Well i hope to have fun and to get more info about new decks. I'm also hoping for some opinions about my decks suggestions.
    Thank you all for reading xD
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  13. Hello everyone, my name is Holyshiznitz. I am 15 years old and I am from New York. I've been playing the pokemon video games all my life, and I just got back into the trading card game. I have not been playing for very long, so as a new player I could definitely use some tips. I mostly play the online version of the card game so PM me if you wanna play some time. However, I warn you I am not very good :p I only have two theme decks, Red Frenzy and Ice Shock. If you are wondering how I got Ice Shock my local Walmart released the Boundaries Crossed cards early. I guess it must have been a mistake on their part. Anyway, I am a new player, and I would love to play with if you are also a beginner or if you have some tips! Thanks for reading! I look forward to having fun with fellow players!
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  14. CarrymahMUMMA! Aspiring Trainer


    I'm Jess/CarrymahMUMMA!
    I found out while randomly searching for a quiz.
    I'm interested in the Pokemon Anime. And anything i consider "Fun".
    I like watching Pokemon Episodes, doing challenges and competitions, and also, anything i consider "Fun".
    I'm a big fan of Barry(and all his counterparts) <3. Nuff said. :D N I'm also a bif fan of Psychic Types. {P}
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  15. MarekTheGamer2000 Wut, wat, wit


    Greetings everyone! My name is MarekTheGamer2000. I joined this site so i could share my pokemon experiences, and my project of my fakemon game im starting. I was browsing for a good website where i can post my fakemon apart from Deviantart, and i came across Pokebeach, i liked this website so i chosen this one to be it. Now then, my interests, i like RPG games, mostly of RPG's, i like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy and Pokemon games, of all pokemon games i like mostly Sapphire and Pearl and my favorite pokemon of all is Dusknoir, and of ALL GAMES i like Resident Evil the most. My hobbies are, mostly, play games, read, hear music, draw, hack games and make my own, surf the web, and eat, A LOT, even though im skinny, but mostly, when im free, i spend most of my time using RPG Maker. Well then that is all, i hope to make many good friends here.
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  16. Falchy Insomniac


    Hello! I'm Falchy, short for Falchion. My number one hobby is gaming, and of course, pokemon! I actually stumbled on to this site while just browsing the interwebs. I'm also into beyblading, and that's all. Hope to meet some strong and nice trainers here.
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  17. shinyarceus4 Rawrawr.


    Hey PokeBeachers. I'm shinyarceus4, you may recognize me from other forums or games. I'm an avid Pokemon card collecter who unfortunately rarely get the chance to test out the many decks that I've made. I'm also a competent, all-around video game player with an obvious love for Pokemon. If you see anyone named similarly on another forum, be sure to say hello! Hope for warm welcomes!
  18. wutang36 Aspiring Trainer


    Hi I'm wutang36.I joined to learn more about decks and Pokemon competitive play.Ive always loved Pokemon,but i just got back into it so I asked around and was told Pokebeach was were i should start
  19. PokéBeach's Trading Corner Aspiring Trainer
    PokéBeach's Trading Corner



    I am the PokéBeach's Trading Corner feedback tool. I am here to create positive feedback for our traders that received 2 positive feedback in one post.
  20. Pella EX Aspiring Trainer
    Pella EX


    I suppose this is where my reply is supposed to go.

    I am a fifteen-year-old who has been a fan of the Pokemon franchise since I was eight years old. I started playing the trading card game last year. If you look at my profile, you can see most of what I would have posted here.

    I found out about Pokebeach by watching YouTube videos from a European TCG player, TCGZapdos. He mentioned this site and its news frequently, so I decided to check it out. It hasn't disappointed me.

    Thanks WPM for making this site! Love it, and keep up the good work! To the TCG forums away!

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