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Hi! I'm Ingrid from the Netherlands. I'm a pokemon fan since the release of pokemon red/blue. My favorite pokemon game is silver/gold. I have never played the TCG game but I love to collect the cards, I have since the start of pokemon TCG collect the cards and since 2 years I collect the cards from the newer series too, my collection goal is to have cards in my collection from all previous era's before sword and shield.
My favorite pokemon are lapras, dragonite, marill, espeon, eeveelutions (gen 1 and 2), houndour.
Hi guys!
I'm Porygatto, but you can call me Pory. "Gatto" means "cat" in italian, because I'm kinda obsessed with cats. :3


I love Pokémon and my favourite pokémon are Porygon-Z and Skitty.
Although I registered just today, I've been visiting PokéBeach daily for... 8 years? Well, I use to come here to keep updated with the TCG. I don't play, but I collect cards based on their illustration. My favourite illustrators are Saya Tsuruta, sowsow, Kanako Eo, Shibuzoh and 0313.
I love illustration and I'm an artist. I do mainly pixel art, if you look for Porygatto on socials you'll find me eventually. I posted some stuff on my profile, maybe I'll open an art gallery here, too.
Well, see you! :p

Hi, the last time I played Pokemon games was probably around 8 years ago :D
I also lost track of Pokemon since Ruby & Sapphire, so I hope to start follow back with the new X&Y.
Hello there! I'm Porygonbail. A 37 yo fossilized drafter-artist for fireescape plans at day and doodler of cute monsters in the evening.
I pretty much have been collecting cards since baseset came out, so it was only a matter of time until I dropped here.
I found PB whilst I was searching for news about the first SW/SH sets way back when. Why i join only now, I couldnt explain either.

This being said, I am more of a leisurely collector and dont play.
In my free time I swim, wander the countryside, read books about folklegends or comb fleamarkets for little treasures.

I love playing videogames, but am admittedly too much of a chicken for most horrorgames, and shooters arent my thing. In games like minecraft, ark, starbound and the like I usually end up building a safe and helpful base/farm for my teammates, instead of crawling the dungeons.
Yet, I have been playing Monster hunter since PS2 times, and love playing the series to this day.

I also draw a lot. Fanart topics change over time, but the pokemon theme returns regularly.
You can find it on Tumblr under organizedchaotics / cheetahtrout (first one is fanart, second is 90% fish)
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Name's Hypotenuse. I'm 21 and currently a full time student majoring in history. I started my pokemon journey in the first grade when I got my first theme deck, the Metagross theme deck in Legends Awakened. Since then I've been on and off with the TCG, but moving around constantly made it difficult to find and integrate into new leagues, and I ultimately ended up throwing in the towel when the game shop my last league was in closed.

I recently decided to get back into the TCG and want to attend in person events for the Expanded format. I've always been a big fan of expanded because the amount of cards available there is nuts, and being able to use many of them to any degree of success and looking for new and interesting deck ideas has always kept me coming back. It's my favorite format by far.

I knew about pokebeach for a while now, I just never made an account cause I used it for news/card translation, but I really want to be a part of this community and make the TCG a part of my life again.

As for other hobbies, I'm a big MMO fan. I play Destiny 2 and Guild Wars 2 often with friends of mine. Other than that I like traveling to find good restaurants to eat at and going on walks.

Oh, and my favorite pokemon is Shedinja if you couldn't tell. :)
Hey guys! I’m semi-new here. I had an account years and years ago and I’m glad to see the forum is still going strong! Unfortunately years have passed by with me not collecting or paying attention to Pokémon cards. I’ve been a collector since the 90s when the Base set came out. (oh how I wish I wouldn’t have sold my collection - it would be absolutely glorious). Long story short, I’ve just recently started back into collecting. I’ve pretty much only got Sword and Shield and Scarelt and Violet cards, as they’re all that’s available in stores. I’ve amassed a fairly large collection in the short time I’ve picked collecting back up. I was never an avid player of the game and collect mostly for the aesthetic value and fun of the cards. I have to say, I don’t honestly even know if what I have at this point is rare or not. All the rules have changed, the cards look totally different than what I was used to and I’m looking forward to learning more about this new era of Pokémon! The last time I was truly invested was Black and White.
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:) Welcome to PB! We hope you enjoy your stay! :)
Hi Everyone! DazzlingMimikyu here. I joined because I heard about the site on a the Shadowless Podcast. My interests are collecting, Pokemon obviously, video games and I'm learning how to play the TCG. Very excited to be attending CardParty2 in Orlando next year. Nice to meet everyone.
Hello everyone
Johto Times here. I've been invested in Pokémon since it first came to my home country in 1999. While I began with Blue, I adored Pokémon Crystal. I continued to play the games until White, and despite my interest falling off, I still picked up Pokémon Y. I was gifted Sun, and then had the pleasure of reviewing Sword, and then Scarlet. These days my love for the franchise is in the past, and I write a weekly newsletter sharing interviews, memories, collections, opinion pieces, and anything else connected to the late 90s and early 2000s era of the franchise.

Feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to chat about the good ol' days of Pokémon!