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  1. FroakiesFrubbles King of Mischievous Frogs


    Hey, my dudes. @FroakiesFrubbles here.

    I've been into Pokemon for a while now, since around generation six (not entirely sure, because I was young then lol). I joined PokéBeach because I like to involve myself with the pokemon community, and I've enjoyed being on a site known as PokéCharms. But, that's more oriented to RP, so I'm here for the forum stuff (I just found this site with a quick google search). I don't really do much in general outside of Pokemon (besides PUBG), because I don't really know what I like. So... yeah. Have a good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night! :p
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  2. AngelCWarrior New League Contender


    Hello my name is Angel! I found Pokébeach by a simple google search honestly, but I have heard of this place many times before. I decided to join because I've recently found an interest in competitive Pokémon TCG and noticed that there are many of those kinds of players here so I hope I can learn a thing or two from this community when it comes to that. (I also play the video games too haha.) Some of my hobbies would be Pokémon card collecting and drawing, there are many others that I can't think of at the moment though. With all that said I am happy to join this website and hope to meet some wonderful people!
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  3. Specter of Death Herald of Glory
    Specter of Death


    Hello! I'm Specter, or Spec--I've been called both.

    I'm not new to the forum scene, as I come from where I'm a moderator. However, activity there is slowly waning, and I wanted a few new places to branch out forums wise and I found this place! Since Pokemon has been a hobby and sort of an obsession of mine since the age of 5, I feel like I'll fit in here well.

    I'm mainly interested in aiding those who need help with the games or tcg, casual discussion and exploration of the Pokemon World, and if there is a place for it here: written roleplay. On the forums I hail from, roleplaying is a huge part of why I have been connected to that forum for so long. Writing is my main hobby and outlet, and I believe there is a creative section here as well that I cannot wait to check out.

    Enough of that, though, I suppose I should talk more about myself and less about why I am excited to be here!

    I'm 21 (22 in less than a month), and my top 5 mons in order are Murkrow, Krookodile, Kingdra, Pumpkaboo, and Totodile. My obsession, fixation, fascination or whatever you'd like to call intense interest in Pokemon started with the Anime--specifically the movies. My earliest memories of Pokemon were spending time at a neighbour's house after school and watching bits and pieces of the best parts of the first 3 or so movies. From there I began watching the TV show whenever I was able to, as well as collect cards, toys, books and manga. It was only when I was gifted my first Gameboy that I discovered the magic that is the games!

    While I will always love the TCG, the Anime and the Manga, my preferred medium to enjoy the Pokemon world is through the games. I never owned my first ever played Pokemon game--Fire Red--as it belonged to my cousin and I was only allowed to borrow it for the 10 hours he was there the day I was able to play it. But later on, I was able to trade some of my games with a friend in order to snag a pristine copy of Pokemon Yellow. After beating that, I traded a few more games for a less than pristine copy of Crystal. Crystal made Gen 2 my all time favourite region, but I also really love all of Gen 4 and Gen 7.

    I've since fallen out of the TCG, but a few friends of mine are getting back into it and I'm planning on joining them in that endeavour when I can find and balance the time. I still actively watch the Anime and movies on occasion, and it's been a while but I still try to read my old copies of the manga I still have.

    I plan on being semi-active here, as this is a really important hobby of mine. So with all that, I can't wait to get to know you all!
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  4. Dusk Form Lycanroc Champion of Alola
    Dusk Form Lycanroc


    Haha, same here i found Pokebeach googling to find information about Forbidden Light, so; thanks Forbidden Light!
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  5. Silence Streamer. Aspiring Machamp. Literal Snorlax.


    Hello all! My name is Silence. I've been a lurker of Pokebeach for many years, and I've finally decided to join y'all. I've been a Pokemon fan for as long as I can remember. Looking forward to making some good friends here! :)
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  6. Alfze Aspiring Trainer


    Hiya I'm Alfze, but you can call me Al. Okay so why exactly did I join? Well I guess I just wanted to be in a community of people that share the same interests as me and maybe even make some friends, which I really did!! I heard about PokeBeach from different places, mostly from YouTube because it's usually a really good pokemon news forum.
    Now to some things about me... let's see. I obviously like Pokemon!! I really love video games and art, not to mention I'm a huge anime fan!!
    Feel free to message me, I'd love to have a chat!! <3
  7. UnbanTwin im a dude, by the way


    I joined Pokebeach because I'm getting back into the TCG and I wanted a place to talk/get information. This time I'm gonna be playing actual competitive decks and stuff, though. Looking forward to my time here. Also will probably try to play a game of mafia on here.

    (btw, my username is a reference to magic, because splinter twin was banned in modern and should be unbanned)
  8. Ephemera Wandering Faerie


    Hello! I'm Ephemera.
    I've known about this place for years now, but only joined now.
    I used to play the TCG, which is what led me here.
    I just like Pokémon.
    Hope to get along with everyone!
  9. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    Hi there, I’m NaganadelIsBeast, and if you can’t tell, I’m a Naganadel Superfan.

    I found PokeBeach through web surfing honestly, and lurked around a little at first because I didn’t know you could make an account for free XD.

    I often play the Pokémon TCG and love giving back to the community.

    My PTCGO sc is SKBellmore if anyone is interested.

    Well nice to meet you all!
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  10. Tobie cursed image 23



    I'm Tobie. I was just googling around and I found this website and I thought it was pretty cool and decided to make an account.

    I play the games and collect the cards. I've been trying to get into the card game and improve. I also play PokemonShowdown. I used to play a lot of competitive VGC stuff and then I quit due to life taking control for a while.

    Hit me up if you ever wanna talk. I'm always down to talk about something.
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  11. Vulpixer Aspiring Trainer


    Hey, you can call me Vulpixer. I was looking into Pokemon forums when I found this one. I'm 26 and have been on the Pokemon scene since 1997 starting with the anime. My first video game was Pokemon Gold Version. I went back to play Pokemon Yellow have have played games from every generation since. I am looking to start going into the video games competitively, so I joined to find practice partners and advice.
    When I'm not being a Pokemon Trainer, I work in animal rescue. My hobbies include writing, attending conventions, and wrangling my household of pets, consisting of three rabbits, a cat, and two fish.)
    I am usually covered in hair.

    If you are on the Discord server, my username is Epitome.
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  12. Daviedson Mac Aspiring Trainer
    Daviedson Mac


    hi to all.

    My name is "Daviedson Mac" i am new here at this plate forum. I like it very much and it is very useful plate forum.
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  13. WaterTrainer Water types, unite!


    Hi, everyone! My name is Erin! I've been reading the news on PokeBeach for years so I decided it would be fun to create an account on here. I'm 27 and I have been following Pokemon since the 1990s. I watched the anime (religiously on Saturday mornings) and started collecting cards a little later. Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap were the first games I played, I have fond memories of them.

    Today, I mostly play Pokemon Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Pokemon Pearl (I don't really keep updated on the games). I still collect Pokemon cards and watch the anime. Pokemon Sun and Moon is amazing, I can't to see what Sword and Shield has in mind!

    Aside from Pokemon, I enjoy reading books from all genres and watching documentaries (PBS is at the top!). I sometimes transcribe historical documents online as part of the Smithsonian Digital Volunteers Project. Oh, and I also volunteer in a library, which is always fun!

    Nice to meet you all!
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  14. HolofoilStarmie I need all of the cards


    Hi all,

    I'm 27 and an illustrator and graphic designer. I've been a mega-fan of Pokemon since day 1, and much to my parents sorrow and disappointment, I still am XD I play the games and watch the series and movies, but my real love is for the trading card game. I've been aware of and periodically visited PokeBeach for years, so I thought why not join now, since this year marks my return to the trading cards with renewed passion after something of a hiatus. My fave Pokemon is Starmie and my fave game is Red Version (which was also my first). Glad to meet everyone and finally get more fully involved in the wider Pokemon community!
  15. McKendra9123 Trio Master: Dark, Poison & Fire Trainer


    Hello, fellow PoKéfans. Become a member not too long ago. I'm McKendra from Oregon, but originally born in northern California. Born in December of '92, I've been playing, trading & collecting PoKémon since I was 6 years old (1998/99). My first games were PoKémon Red & Blue and Stadium. I remember once trying to teach my mom about PoKémon before I got caught up in the lure of the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. Use to be in a trio cycle of stealing between me, my big brother and our cousin because we would steal each other's PoKémon cards so often. Been watching the anime since day one. I remember the tears during the first 4 PoKémon movies.

    I found this site when I was looking up PoKémon with ties to royalty on Google. Been loving what I've seen so far on PoKéBeach. Hope to make some new friends here and build deep bonds of fellowship too.
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  16. softsoph Aspiring Trainer


    Hi everyone,

    I'm Sophie, 20 years old and from the Netherlands.
    I absolutely loved Pokemon from all the way when I was just 3 years old. I watched the anime at first, and when I was about 8 years old I got Pokemon Emerald for christmas together with a Nintendo DS. I didn't actually even know that Pokemon games existed up till then. I had only watched the anime and seen some commercials for the videogames on tv without knowing what they were like exactly. This grew my fascination for Pokemon even more.

    When I was a child I got my first Pokemon TCG booster pack from my mom's friend together with my sister. I'm not sure why she gave me one but she knew I liked Pokemon, so I guess that's why. It was from the EX Power Keepers set.
    I quickly forgot about them after that, but I always had this huge fascination with them from the moment I saw them.
    Throughout a few years I never got to open too many booster packs because my parents did not support the hobby and let alone did not give me much pocket money for anything at all. I never even got an ex or Lvl. X card despite opening a total of about 20 boosters as a child. I think the best I got was a few holos. At this point I honestly wonder if the toy shop was weighing the packs somehow.

    Skip to 2016, I was 17 years old and absolutely did not have any interest in Pokemon cards anymore. Then I saw a tweet from someone I was following with some cards and it somehow instantly revitalized my interest in them. I ended up buying like 8 packs in total, just like when I was I didn't get any EX's haha.

    It seems like the Pokemon TCG is infectious. Because now another 3 years later, this May I got back into the trading card game when I suddenly just had this big urge to buy some cards. I can't even remember where this urge came from, I just realized I had money all of a sudden and that I could buy lots of cards. I ended up starting out with a booster box of Unbroken Bonds and an ETB. Then it evolved into some other booster boxes proceeded by attempting to collect the XY Generations set through single cards currently with only 12 cards still missing.

    Other than that, since Pokemon Emerald I have owned and played the following Pokemon games: Diamond, Platinum, White, White 2, X, Omega Ruby, Moon, Ultra Sun..
    The only ones out of these that I bought but didn't beat were X and Moon for some reason. I just didn't have the time for it anymore and always wanted to get back to them but never have.
    As you can see, Pokemon has been a big part of my life always, I'm happy to be collecting cards again and I hope I can participate in some discussions here with the nice people at PokeBeach

    ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o☆
  17. Merovingian Expanded Extraordinaire

    Articles Head Member

    Ok, this is a bit late, but we're doing it live.

    I started playing in Base Set and played up until a month after Expedition was released. Did A LOT of other collectable gaming for years, traveled a bit to different events for those games (namely Yugioh and Dreamblade. ALMOST went to a M:TG Prix). Kids got me back into Pokemon in December of 2016.

    Medically retired military, been running a Pokemon League since last year, now I'm one of the heads of the PokeBeach Premium Article Program. Outside of that, I'm an amateur magician (ironically, I have almost zero interest in card magic).

    To everyone new: welcome to PokeBeach. Let's do something great here.
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