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Hey guys,
My name is Sylouan, I'm a French guy living south of Brittany. Although not a die-hard fan of Pokémon in general, my girlfriend introduced me to several games and I've been exploring the fandom for a few months now.
On the contrary, she's been a life-long fanatic of the franchise, so she pulled me in !

I'm looking forward to meeting you, you seem like a cool community :)

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Why you joined: I have been wanting to for years now but havent got around to it,better late then never I guess.
Where you found out about PB: Years ago on Serebii,Ive known for years about PB,as stated before.
Your interests: PKM TCG,PKM games,Reptiles PC gaming etc
Hobbies: Currently YouTube,but I do mini wargaming from time to time,and play pc games.
Anything else you want us to know about you: Basically I just needed a new forum to talk about the tcg,and just PKm in genaral,hoping to share my content here ,but at the same time I dont want to spam it,if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to do this that would be great!!


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hello there, played the games a ton as a kid. Found my old card collection and started getting into playing online when guardians rising came out been playing on the daily since. Found out about pokebeach through yellowswellow.
my hobbies include playing the ol guitar pokemon tcg and console videogames whoa
thanks all
my ptcgo name is apersonwhoa


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Lets star with HELLO ALL!
Just joined this site to improve my knowledge about Pokemons. Fund this forum in depths of Google.
My daily job and interests is mainly connected with IT stuff. Workstations, servers, Linux, Windows etc.
That's all for now! If anyone have any questions about that stuff, feel free to contact me. I'm here to give back to this community too.


Give 'em the ol' SalazzleDazzle
Hi all! I've been meaning to sign up on pokebeach for a while now but never got around to it until today. I live in Mississippi, USA and work as a freelance graphic designer. My cousin and I started playing PTCG about three years ago but ended up abandoning it to start playing MtG, now we're trying to play both games (MtG casually, PTCG competitively) and I joined here for the community and news about new cards/decks. Outside of card games, I'm an avid video game player and have been playing the Pokemon games for as long as I can remember (I grew up with a N64 and a copy of Pokemon Stadium 2 which my brother and I would play nigh-constantly).


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Hi everyone! Standard millennial 90s guy here. Since the school-yard days of trading cards on the playground, battling at lunch and gaining friends through link-cable trade-ups----I've been around for a long time since the series caught on like wildfire (before Yugioh exploded into the scene).

My favorites gen is the Ruby/Saphire/Emerald generation, and that's the last I've played since then, though monitoring new evolutions as they release. Was happy to see those legendaries gain justice through Primal forms, though the timeline distortion storyline is still confusing now that other Dimensions have been confirmed to exist.

I predict FUSION EVOLUTIONS will appear in due time. Mega-Evolutions are one stepping stone to greater power----which Digimon beat them to years ago. I'm sure they'll follow suit with fusions! Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem are a huge allusion to this-----if Pokemon can split apart they can fuse together right?!

See you all around the forums, to trade & share ideas


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Hello, I joined due to my wish to become smarter at Pokémon breeding as well as chatting with other fans alike.
.. I found the site via google..
I play the video games and card game, both casually (I don't really play the card game online. - Only irl)
Been playing Pokémon since 1998 - Took a pause between gen2 and gen5. - Collected cards since the very beginning (with about the same time of pause as the video games)
My favorite type is Ghost.


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Hey I'm Bobohippo, I have been collecting Pokemon cards for 10 years now, I got into the game itself recently because I was looking for a fun way to test my knowledge of the game and learn to grow as a player. I found out about this website while browsing second hand card shops in my area and it was recommend that if I want to learn more about gameplay and what's next I should go here. Its been so great to be able to get the inside scoop on the new TCG expansions and to practice battling with he monthly tournaments. I'm always happy to answer questions for people who ask so if you have a question feel free to PM me. It's great to be apart of this community and I'm glad this website exists :D

Lady Jirachu Corni Triox

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Hi, I am Jirachu (Or whatever you want to call me)

I am a massive Korrina fan, she is my favourite Pokemon character.

I look forward to making friends with some of you.


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  • Why you joined!
  • Where you found out about PB!
  • Your interests!
  • Hobbies!
  • Anything else you want us to know about you!
Hi, I guess.
I'm generally a lurker and if I post, it's mostly in forum games and stuff like that, so you prob won't see me often
but ya know, I thought I'd at least come and introduce myself
idk if I'll stick around, but hey, trying doesn't hurt anyone, so I don't see why not.
so hi


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Hello! My name is Eric. I joined because I like Pokemon, simple and to the point lol. I've always been a lurker and finally decided to start being a bit more active. I've know about PB FOREVER I usually get my news from from here since it keeps up pretty well. Especially with the PTCG world.


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Hi! My name is Al I have been playing the videos games since Red and have recently taken up the TCG


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Hi, I've been a huge pokemon fan, since I was a kid. I played all of the main series games up to Black/White 2, but fell of after that. I got back into Pokemon about a year ago through Ptcgo. I play and collect Magic the gathering and I decided to try the tcg, as I heard it was quite good. I've been hooked ever since and I've even started collecting some physical cards and figures!


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Hello, my name is K_la and I'm a Pokémonholic :p

It all started when my son earned a bunch of money from shoveling snow, and wanted to buy a box of Pokemon. I remember (credulously) questioning why on Earth he'd want to spend all that money on some silly cards... Little did I know how much time and money I'd put into it! Shortly after his initial purchase I found a store that had a Pokemon League and quickly realized it was far more than just collecting cards. I took him to the league and became intrigued myself. Slowly but surely the addiction kicked in and I now live for the sound of that crinkling wrapper coming off the cards LOL. It's a year and a half in and my son and I still spend most morning battling it out before work and school!


Budew is best mon
Hello my username is KommissarLT and I started playing the video games in 2009 (the year Pokemon Platinum was released, which was my first game), my favorite Pokemon is Budew because of sentimental reasons (I have a plush of Budew that I've had for almost 10 years now) and my favorite game in the series is Black 2 and White 2.


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Howdy, fellas. I'm Tippy.

I'm 30 years old, and my favorite Pokémon are Rapidash, Meowth, and Slowpoke. Sometime this past year I came across my old Pokémon binder with all my cards. I collected them when I was a kid - during the height of Pokémania - but I've since fallen out of collecting. I still love Pokémon and have sampled the X&Y and Sun&Moon games. These were the first I've tried since Gold&Silver. Wait, I guess that's not true. I tried the Black&White release for a few days long after it had come out, but then I instantly lost the cartridge somehow. It's lost forever. Games aside, I have been catching up on the movies as well.

I joined PokeBeach because I think I'd eventually like to trade away all my cards to downsize, and keep only the cards with Pikachu on them. It's nice to be able to focus on one specific quality or character of a thing so that my collections don't get out of control. I collected transformers too, but only the female robots. I also collect vintage my little ponies, but only the baby ponies. So yeah. Like I said, when you have impulsive collecting habits like I do, it's important to set some limitations.

When you're a grown-up there's no easy way to replicate the easy playground trading of the old days, so I had the idea to trade away all my cards by mail and sure enough I found PokeBeach after some quick searching. Hooray!

Outside of Pokémon, my interests include gardening, interior decorating, backyard farming, and making random stuff like stained glass windows. As I mentioned earlier, I like collecting things too. I collect Transformers, My Little Pony, crystals and stones, Build-A-Bears, and canned generic Dr. Pepper knock-offs. I also have an affinity for classic cars, especially VW beetles and microbuses.

That's all I can think to say about myself at the moment. Thanks for making this super-cool site!


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Hey, my dudes. @FroakiesFrubbles here.

I've been into Pokemon for a while now, since around generation six (not entirely sure, because I was young then lol). I joined PokéBeach because I like to involve myself with the pokemon community, and I've enjoyed being on a site known as PokéCharms. But, that's more oriented to RP, so I'm here for the forum stuff (I just found this site with a quick google search). I don't really do much in general outside of Pokemon (besides PUBG), because I don't really know what I like. So... yeah. Have a good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night! :p


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Hello my name is Angel! I found Pokébeach by a simple google search honestly, but I have heard of this place many times before. I decided to join because I've recently found an interest in competitive Pokémon TCG and noticed that there are many of those kinds of players here so I hope I can learn a thing or two from this community when it comes to that. (I also play the video games too haha.) Some of my hobbies would be Pokémon card collecting and drawing, there are many others that I can't think of at the moment though. With all that said I am happy to join this website and hope to meet some wonderful people!

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Hello! I'm Specter, or Spec--I've been called both.

I'm not new to the forum scene, as I come from where I'm a moderator. However, activity there is slowly waning, and I wanted a few new places to branch out forums wise and I found this place! Since Pokemon has been a hobby and sort of an obsession of mine since the age of 5, I feel like I'll fit in here well.

I'm mainly interested in aiding those who need help with the games or tcg, casual discussion and exploration of the Pokemon World, and if there is a place for it here: written roleplay. On the forums I hail from, roleplaying is a huge part of why I have been connected to that forum for so long. Writing is my main hobby and outlet, and I believe there is a creative section here as well that I cannot wait to check out.

Enough of that, though, I suppose I should talk more about myself and less about why I am excited to be here!

I'm 21 (22 in less than a month), and my top 5 mons in order are Murkrow, Krookodile, Kingdra, Pumpkaboo, and Totodile. My obsession, fixation, fascination or whatever you'd like to call intense interest in Pokemon started with the Anime--specifically the movies. My earliest memories of Pokemon were spending time at a neighbour's house after school and watching bits and pieces of the best parts of the first 3 or so movies. From there I began watching the TV show whenever I was able to, as well as collect cards, toys, books and manga. It was only when I was gifted my first Gameboy that I discovered the magic that is the games!

While I will always love the TCG, the Anime and the Manga, my preferred medium to enjoy the Pokemon world is through the games. I never owned my first ever played Pokemon game--Fire Red--as it belonged to my cousin and I was only allowed to borrow it for the 10 hours he was there the day I was able to play it. But later on, I was able to trade some of my games with a friend in order to snag a pristine copy of Pokemon Yellow. After beating that, I traded a few more games for a less than pristine copy of Crystal. Crystal made Gen 2 my all time favourite region, but I also really love all of Gen 4 and Gen 7.

I've since fallen out of the TCG, but a few friends of mine are getting back into it and I'm planning on joining them in that endeavour when I can find and balance the time. I still actively watch the Anime and movies on occasion, and it's been a while but I still try to read my old copies of the manga I still have.

I plan on being semi-active here, as this is a really important hobby of mine. So with all that, I can't wait to get to know you all!

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Hello my name is Angel! I found Pokébeach by a simple google search honestly, but I have heard of this place many times before. I decided to join because I've recently found an interest in competitive Pokémon TCG and noticed that there are many of those kinds of players here so I hope I can learn a thing or two from this community when it comes to that. (I also play the video games too haha.) Some of my hobbies would be Pokémon card collecting and drawing, there are many others that I can't think of at the moment though. With all that said I am happy to join this website and hope to meet some wonderful people!
Haha, same here i found Pokebeach googling to find information about Forbidden Light, so; thanks Forbidden Light!