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Hello people of PokeBeach, I am Cole, a teenage aspiring Theoretical physicist (Or a Chemist, it depends on the day to be honest) who is a total science nerd, and a major fandom geek . I have joined this amazing community to learn more about the Pokemon meta game and learn all of the new developments happening in the [enthralling] world of Pokemon. I have been into this wonderful game for approximately 6 years (I started in the early days of gen 5) and plan to continue loving Pokemon for years to come. My favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon is either Reuniclus or Alakazam (I admire them so because of their strong prowess and high intellect) and my favorite "special" Pokemon is Victini (It is such an adorable and lovable little creature!:D) Besides loving pocket monsters I also enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh!, edge-lord animes, memes of all kinds, Einsteinium physics (I mean, who doesn't love E=MC2!) , Arguing my political views, and playing geometry dash and Brave Frontier. If any of you have questions about science or Pokemon ask me on my page, or come chat about geeky stuff (I'm not on everyday but i will reply ASAP)! "Anyways", have a good one!


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I an bog fan of pokemon i love pokemons and Pokémon series.
I am watching Pokémon for more than 13 year.
I am 26 year old working as IT technician.


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Why I Joined? - Came here to discuss the Pokemon TCG a little bit.

Where I found out about PokeBeach! -
A month or so back, a employee at my local card shop told me this was the place to check for new TCG updates and all. Finally decided to make a account just now.

Hobbies? - Mainly video games, watching Youtube videos, and other things that are non-important.

Anything else you want us to know about me? -'s Mark, starting off I guess lol. Decided to switch to the Pokemon TCG around early January or so, was originally a Yu-Gi-Oh player, but wanting to make the Pokémon TCG my main card game now.

Probably obvious....but, I'm still kinda new. Mainly came to hopefully learn a few things that could help me with the current deck I almost have complete IRL, and to learn the game more.

Would play on PTCGO...but I don't have the cards available to me on there haha. Trying little by little to be able to play on there.


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Hi all! Recently found this site and probably going to pick up a sub soon. The articles here are great and I'm hoping to get into some serious TCG playing.

I started with Red and Blue when it first came out, and I've been playing every gen since. I got started in the TCG right away also. There was a local group I played with for years until one day people just didn't show up and with no warning or cause, it just ended. This was around EX FireRed & LeafGreen. Recently found out that a new group was started and I've been going there for a few months now. I got plans to go up to Seattle in May for the regionals there and expect to have my ares handed to me on a silver platter, but that's part of the point right?

Currently rocking my own version of M Rayquaza that I call Clear Skies. It's all colorless and nearly every pokemon is a flyer. Since I know this will be it's last few months of Standard I'm working on a water deck to take it's place.

I'm going to be reading every article that gets posted and work on learning the meta and what works and why.

Weavile GX

Hello, I am Weavile GX. I am a huge Pokemon fan. I was introduced into Pokemon by the anime. I really enjoyed it and then I decided to play the Games, Collect the cards and learn to play the card game! Then I heard of Pokebeach. I heard it was a safe place to talk about Pokemon and see Pokemon News. When I first came here I was a bit shy but then I was extremely confident and ended up having a great time. Thanks To WPM for making this website!


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Why you joined! I wanted to become a part of the Pokemon community, and I thought this was a good way to do it!

Where you found out about PokéBeach! I searched "Pokemon forums" on Google, haha.
Your interests! Anime/manga, cartoons, animation, art, writing, video games, cosplay...the list goes on!

Hobbies! Writing, drawing, playing games, PTGC...I'm drawing a blank, but I know there's more than that!

Anything else you want us to know about you! Uhh...hi! I'm Artie, I'm an 18 y/o (soon-to-be) art student who hopes to become an animator! Pokemon goes pretty deeply into my childhood, and my passion for it has been reignited by the newest installments in the series; Sun & Moon. I used to collect the cards when I was younger, but I only recently started collecting again-- and I recently learned how to actually play! I'm looking forward to posting here!!


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Why you joined: I wanted to have some people who love Pokémon like me to talk to. Because I'm pretty much deaf, face to face conversations are a pain, so I decided that I'd join a forum

Where you found out about PokéBeach: I just Googled "Pokémon forum"

Hobbies: Writing, reading, archery. Doesn't my Star Wars obsession count? I'm kind of drawing a blank on this one. I don't have many hobbies.

So, hi! I'm DarthCyrina. I'm really knew to this forum thing, so please bear with me. I'm a huge Pokémon fan, who mostly plays the card game. I used to be a huge watcher of the anime, but then my hearing got too bad to watch TV. Yeah, I'm deaf. I try to not flaunt it, but it may come up in a few stories. For anyone curious, I do know ASL. Get that question often. I am very new to the card game and Pokémon in general. I got introduced to TCG at a meeting of my school's tabletop gaming, and got hooked. I haven't participated in many real tournaments, if you don't count the yearly one the aforementioned table top club puts on. Oh, and I also play the video game, although not nearly as much as TCG

I'm looking forward to being here!


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Hello, my name is Wayra.

I use to watch Pokemon all the time as a toddler when it first released in America and have no memories of it other than the Jigglypuff episode and seeing the Pokemon movie when it released with my preschool. I'm not a fan. Pokemon GO has been the craze since last year, I saw how cool the concept was and started playing it, and ever since I am addicted. Now I am technically a new Pokemon fan that knows nothing but what happens in Pokemon Go.

I started to watch the anime as an adult in September of 2016. Now I am in the mid-season of the Orange Islands. I love the show and PGO so far. I literally search Pokemon forum 10 minutes ago to post about my journey by taking notes and review every episode I am watching for the first time. I also wanted to share an idea for future seasons and spin-offs (fanfic) and I want input from legitimate fans.

Thank you.


Yes... It's Emrakul.
Hey guys, So, I'm a returner. I left the game 8 years ago, after my friend won worlds, and then went to magic. I'm still heavily involved in it, as I'm currently looking to try and get to the pro tour. I was Dragonzong on here a long time ago, and I proposed a type of format called extended/ modern and saying that would be awesome and create value for older cards. So I'm back from a hiatus, and I'm excited for what the format brings, and what is happening with the game.

So for reintroductions. My name is kyle. I'm 20, and I'm currently a psychology student, entering my 3rd year at York University. I played Pokemon since I was about 7-8, began my first tournament when I was 10, and quit when I was around 13 or around 2009/2010. I've been playing magic the gathering for a long time. after a long time away, I played my first game in 8 years, I decided to get back into the game. Now with a bank account, I can actually buy cards, rather than packs. My general play style is to lock people out of the game or play control decks in every game I can. So it feels weird, but I'm back home. I'm glad to be back.


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Hello I'm Nemesis1125 I have been a fan of Pokemon since the start. Watched the anime as a little kid and collected base set! Stopped playing when Delta Species set was out. And got back into the game at the end of 2015 beginning of 2016 when my kids said they wanted to play. I love the competitive game and try to go to tournaments when ever I get the chance. I also have a Facebook group called Pokemon TCG of the East Coast. Check it out! I also have a poketube on YouTube. My name on there is ThePsychic King065 Subscribe to my channel please and like my opening videos!!! Love the whole pokemon community! Thank you for letting join and be a part of the forums!

Blakey Alex

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Hey Yo I am BlakeyAlex, I have liked Pokemon since day one of it coming over to the UK (yes I am that old),

I have watched the Anime, Films, Collect the TCG, other stuff, Play the games, just got into doing so TCG battles,

I am happy to talk to any of you and I hope some will help me with the TCG Battles

I joined Pokebeach as I wanted to join an online community and talk Pokemon with other fans

I found out about Pokebeach via chance I googled Pokemon Forums and your name popped up, I clicked, love the outlay and thought I would sign up and see what happens


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  • Why you joined! I recently joined to expand my prize pool for Pokebeach's Pokemon TCGO Tournaments.
  • Where you found out about PB! I vaguely remember surfing PB back in the early 2000's when I was in High School and loved the content. I started viewing this page again after I decided to competitively play Pokemon TCG in August 2015
  • Your interests! My favorite genre of T.V/Movies are Post Apocalyptic/Zombie shows. Some notable examples are Dawn of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, The Walking Dead, and etc.
  • Hobbies! I love running half marathons and lifting weights at the gym.
  • Anything else you want us to know about you! I am currently single, I wouldn't mind finding a nice woman who also enjoys the Pokemon TCG as competitively as I do. If anyone is interested in playing PTCGO my username is olivasds.


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Hi from Italy!

I'm Paolo, an architecture student from Italy.
I found out pokémon when I was a child, when I received blue and red as a gift: I remember so clearly the first time I beated the pokémon league...they were good times!
Growing up I lost tracks of them...but then, a couple of weeks ago, I found a box with all my old pokémon cards!
And so now I'm here, trying to recover everything I lost in the last ten years or more.
I'd like to start again collecting pokémon cards: I see that everything has changed since I bought my last card, but I'm sure that with your help I'll be able to start over.

p.s. sorry for my poor english ;)


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Hey, everybody! Finally the Account Confirmation email showed up in my inbox, so I thought I'd introduce myself real quick!

Why you joined!
I'd kind of fallen out of Pokemon for awhile, but I'm hardcore back in it because Sun and Moon were so good and finally a step back in the right direction. My favorite Pokemon game that I've played so far HeartGold with Moon taking a VERY close second.

Where you found out about PB!
...I actually tried typing "Team Skull Forum" but this place seems really great to cover all the Pokemon bases.

Your interests!
Shut-in stuff. LOL. Gaming and cartoons/manga.


I collect a LOT of stuff.

Anything else you want us to know about you!

I have two wonderful guinea pigs named Dahlia and Athena.


Eminem TTGX
Hello, I'm the Curious Latias, Graven! I come in search of good conversation and great coffee. ;)

*Cough* The real name's Ethan. I am joining PokeBeach in getting to meet other's who love Pokemon, but casually and competitively.

I initially discovered PokeBeach upon gaining interest in the Pokemon TCG. Initially, I was planning to just stick with card collecting, as a friend of mine gave their entire collection to me as a token of friendship. But, after a while, I've been investing myself in the competitive metagame, and I can't seem to escape it's natural pull. So, I levitate here in great pleasure to be part of the PokeBeach community.

Media: Pokemon (Ya don't say), Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Eragon, former MLP fan (it's dissipated over the years, and it helped me when going through a phase), Super Smash Bros., Dragonball Series, Buso Renkin, Dragon Drive, Dark Souls Series, and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.
IRL: Swordsmithing, Art, Photography, Animation, Cosmology, Astrology, Worldbuilding.

Playing Video Games (YA DON'T SAY), Listening to VGM, Reading Novels and Manga, Making Designs of Whatever Comes to my Head, Bowling, Pokemon TCG (and somewhat interest in other TCG's; MtG), Going to the Beach, Attempt Making a Video Game via Narrative and Mechanics (I can't program to save my life. :( ), Drink Coffee.

~Anything Else~
Nothing much, other than trying to get a job other than working at the McDonalds right outside of the Dover International Speedway. Next weekend is going to be literal Hell for me.

With that said, I'll be gliding off somewhere along the beach for some good gossip. See you all around!


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  • Why you joined!: Joined because my interest in the Pokemon card game got reignited a year ago. I also want to offer input on this site's articles.
  • Where you found out about PB!: Lurked here for quite some time.
  • Your interests!: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Smash Bros., Fire Emblem
  • Hobbies!: Occasional reader,
  • Anything else you want us to know about you!: I mainly play TCGO because I don't want to spend too much money on the real cards in order to keep up with the rotations. My favorite Pokemon is Gallade. Its Mega Evolution isn't the best I have to admit, but it does look sick.


Bug Thug
Hello, PokéBeach! I'm MegaPod_781, or MegaPod for short, or Mega or Pod for even shorter. My absolute favorite Pokémon is currently Dhelmise, and I'm a fan of Pokémon in general (of course). What brought me to PokéBeach was the news page and big focus on the TCG. I'm a casual collector and player of Pokémon cards, and I seek to catch all of my favorite ones.


Hi! You can call me Rob!
Hi everoyne, how are you?
I'm Rob just another adult fan who grew up with Pokemon games and anime.
For a long time I was just a watcher. Finally decide to register and say Hi

What more about me.
I like to Play Pokemon video games and of course TCG online and in real world [but still need to find people to play with]
I had long break from Pokemon TCG. I returned to collecting and playing. So if you happy to play with me let me know.

Pokemon is not my main interest - because I'm Otaku type. So a lot of Anime & Manga.
Normally I am another geek who need to work but doing design and web development :) and I am happy to help if someone ask me about it.
Recently I started my YT channel, for now first Pokemon TCG unboxing later more. I have small blog [need to find more time for this one
So if you are interested you can check this. I try to put some very interesting stuff here. Of course nice to see some suggestions.

What else?
Nice to meet all of you and i hope we can talk about everything.

See you


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Hello all! My name is Josh. My online handle is fabe1089, and as a result, some people call me Fabe. I'm 27 years old, living in Washington, D.C., and I am an avid Pokemon fan. ;)

I grew up with Pokemon during the late 90s, but abandoned the franchise during Gen 2, and didn't come back until 2012. I regret that decision, but I'll never again fall out of love with Pokemon.

I was a member of a different Pokemon forum for years, but that website has since died. I've been wanting another forum in which to belong, but didn't spend a lot of energy looking for one. I came across Pokebeach recently by reading information about the upcoming Burning Shadows expansion for the TCG, and spontaneously decided to join.

I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, surfing the internet, watching videos and movies, and talking with people.

I've built strong friendships through Pokemon, and I hope to make new friends here. If you're interested, shoot me a message, and we can battle or trade, and perhaps we can also Skype.


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Hello, I am Clefairykin! I have been playing Pokemon since Gen 1, but just recently started showing interest in the TCG. Especially after Konami murdered all of my Yu-Gi-Oh decks. . . I have just been casually collecting cards until recently. I went to the NAI in Indianapolis last weekend not really knowing what to expect, but my fiance and I enjoyed playing the game during sealed play and decided to hop on board! I have always known about PokeBeach since I started frequenting the Internet, but I never intended on joining. After doing a lot of research on helping newcomers on Reddit, they actually recommended joining this forum for additional support.

Most of my interests just involve playing video games. I really enjoy Nintendo, Atlus, and Spike Chunsoft the most. I am also a preschool teacher, and my students get really excited whenever I wear something Pokemon related (I usually wear a Cleffa necklace). On top of being a glorified babysitter, I sell makeup for additional spending money. Plus, I am attending college full time for my degree in Early Childhood Education.

I really hope I can get into the TCG a lot more! I am actually meeting with a local Professor at a shop I frequent Saturday, so hopefully it goes well! I cannot wait to interact with all of you.