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  1. solarbeam Aspiring Trainer


    Hello all! My name is Josh. My online handle is fabe1089, and as a result, some people call me Fabe. I'm 27 years old, living in Washington, D.C., and I am an avid Pokemon fan. ;)

    I grew up with Pokemon during the late 90s, but abandoned the franchise during Gen 2, and didn't come back until 2012. I regret that decision, but I'll never again fall out of love with Pokemon.

    I was a member of a different Pokemon forum for years, but that website has since died. I've been wanting another forum in which to belong, but didn't spend a lot of energy looking for one. I came across Pokebeach recently by reading information about the upcoming Burning Shadows expansion for the TCG, and spontaneously decided to join.

    I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, surfing the internet, watching videos and movies, and talking with people.

    I've built strong friendships through Pokemon, and I hope to make new friends here. If you're interested, shoot me a message, and we can battle or trade, and perhaps we can also Skype.

  2. Clefairykin Aspiring Trainer


    Hello, I am Clefairykin! I have been playing Pokemon since Gen 1, but just recently started showing interest in the TCG. Especially after Konami murdered all of my Yu-Gi-Oh decks. . . I have just been casually collecting cards until recently. I went to the NAI in Indianapolis last weekend not really knowing what to expect, but my fiance and I enjoyed playing the game during sealed play and decided to hop on board! I have always known about PokeBeach since I started frequenting the Internet, but I never intended on joining. After doing a lot of research on helping newcomers on Reddit, they actually recommended joining this forum for additional support.

    Most of my interests just involve playing video games. I really enjoy Nintendo, Atlus, and Spike Chunsoft the most. I am also a preschool teacher, and my students get really excited whenever I wear something Pokemon related (I usually wear a Cleffa necklace). On top of being a glorified babysitter, I sell makeup for additional spending money. Plus, I am attending college full time for my degree in Early Childhood Education.

    I really hope I can get into the TCG a lot more! I am actually meeting with a local Professor at a shop I frequent Saturday, so hopefully it goes well! I cannot wait to interact with all of you.
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  3. OzoneFruit Itz ya boi Goozma


    Hey there everyone! Name's OzoneFruit (I also go by Oz sometimes)!

    I've been a Pokemon fan ever since I got Sapphire as a kid! Recently stumbled across here while browsing for other Pokemon sites to look at, and from the looks of it, this place looks pretty cool! ^^

    I'm a hobbyist digital artist, so one of the reasons I've been looking around is to hopefully find some places I can share some of my work once I get a hang of stuff here. ^^' My big project right now is a Pokedex based off of creatures and people from Greek Mythology!

    Apart from drawing, I of course play the games. I've beaten every game except Platinum and Yellow (Of which I sadly never got around to buying). My favorite game is probably either Sapphire or Black, and my favorite Pokemon are ya boi Goozma, see my icon? Goomy and Sceptile!

    Aight, I think that wraps up my intro. Nice to meet you all! Looks like it'll a fun time around here!
  4. Duke Erebus Aspiring Trainer
    Duke Erebus


    Hey all! I'm Duke Erebus. I've been wanting to get into competitive play recently, which is how I found PokeBeach -- just looking for competitive advice. I'm hoping to have more chance to discuss Pokemon here, since I don't really have local friends who play.
    A little about me: I've been playing Pokemon most of my life, and I've always wanted to be the very best like no one ever was. Despite recently becoming a legal adult, I still enjoy things such as Legos, Star vs the Forces of Evil, and (of course) Pokemon. I love to draw and write, and am currently attending college in Utah to study psychology.
    I'm hoping to be able to connect with more Pokemon fans, and looking forward to discussing strategies and generally having fun!
  5. OGGREEN Aspiring Trainer


    hi my name is jared and I am new
  6. Theia Aspiring Trainer


    Hey there! I'm Theia, a big Pokémon fan from Germany. I started playing Pokémon when I was six or seven years old. My first game was the Silver version. Now I'm 21 and still love playing Pokémon and other Nintendo video games like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda or Animal Crossing. I also like anime and manga very much and I love reading and writing fanfictions. English isn't my mother tongue but I'll try to make as little mistakes as possible. I'm also here to improve my English a little bit. ;)
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  7. LadyMeowstic Lil paws of fun!


    Hello everyone! I'm LadyMeowstic! I'm 26 years old. I love to draw pokemon or anything else really and sometimes make my own fakemon. I have been into Pokémon since I saw the very first episode air on television. Thanks to a cousin I got my first video game console, the battery guzzling Gameboy haha. From there I bought my first game, Pokémon Gold. I also got into collecting the cards after a friend bought me one of the old theme decks with Muk. I learned the game at the time but as I grew up I just collected on and off the cards and mostly progressed in the video game franchise. I got back into tcg around black and white era and refreshed my memory on the game. Now I'm an avid player and competes at local tournaments hoping to one day making it to the bigger leagues. I still play the video games and plan on getting Ultra Sun when it comes out. My username is Smushi if you'd like to add me on TCGO.
    I just got my account on here today, and looking forward to meet many pokemon fans of this wonderful community.
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  8. tiffuts Porygon Enthusiast


    Hello, my name is Blaine and I am a Pokeholic :p But seriously I grew up with Pokemon in the 90s and have always been a fan of the video games, anime and trading card game. I never really played the TCG as a kid, but now, at the ripe age of 28, I'm looking to get back into it. The online game really dragged me in and watching videos of worlds has made me really want to get involved in the community more. Other then Pokemon I do graphic design, photography, illustration and play music in sunny Southern California. My PTCGO username is the same as my username here so I'll see you all out there!
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  9. Elixir Mad Scientist


    I'm Elliot; I used to play TCG in POP and Play! Pokemon events and I've returned after a long period of inactivity, starting with PTCGO. My favorite Pokemon... well, I go through several favorites, but currently I appreciate Raichu a lot.

    I am a PhD student studying psychology at UCLA and I currently reside in Los Angeles. Actually, I just moved here, which is part of my inspiration to get involved with the Pokemon scene. I'm also a professional writer and have a book in press that's about to be released by the publisher (feel free to ask me about it).

    See you around!
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  10. jessquercus Aspiring Trainer


    Hi! I'm Leif/Jesse, I found this forum somehow?

    I love Pokemon, I play the TCG (and collect) and the VCG, and I'm rewatching the anime currently :). I'm a junior in college, a horticultural science major. I love plants, my dog, fishing, and video games. My favorite Pokemon is Bulbasaur!
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  11. pokedeveloper Aspiring Trainer


    Hi everyone! I'm a new member here and a lifetime-long pokemon fan. I just graduated from college with a Computer Science degree and my hobbies include re-watching old pokemon episodes, re-playing the older generation games (my favorite is HGSS mainly I love having your pokemon follow you around), programming, and watching the NBA (the NBA is a pretty odd hobby in this list, but I've been an avid basketball fan for as long as I can remember).
    The main reason I joined Pokebeach is because I just finished making a chrome extension that lets you pick a cool pokemon wallpaper that shows up whenever you open a new tab and I'd love for more people to check it out. You can find it here @ ... n-US&gl=US.
    I'm not sure if there are other chrome extensions that already do something similar, but I decided to create this mainly for fun and because I thought the pokemon art I found was really cool. ALL CREDIT FOR THE POKEMON ART IN THIS EXTENSION GOES TO, who I got prior permission from to make this extension.
    Please rate it if you like it and I hope at least a few of you can enjoy using this!
  12. Artemis Aspiring Trainer


    Hi! I'm Artemis and a big Pokemon fan. I live in Norway and am 15 years old. I joined PokeBeach because I love Pokemon. I have been playing Pokemon since Crystal. My other interests than Pokemon include anime & manga, video games, listening to music, reading and drawing.

    I'm also a big Team Magma fangirl. :3
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  13. Cardcraver Aspiring Trainer


    Hi Everyone I'm Cardcraver and as the name says I crave all the cards. I want them all lol. I Started Pokémon with base set First edition and played for many years. I took a long break from the game and started back with sun and moon. I absolutely love these new cards. The art is amazing and the full arts are just awesome.
    I currently work for a LGS and I get to see all kinds of cards. I also have just recently started a youtube channel called Cardcraver's Pokémon. I would love if any of you would stop by and check it out and let me know what you think and any ideas on how to improve it.

    Thanks a ton
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  14. AFEX Serena is too cute!


    Well Hello guys, I'm AFEX, some of you guys might've seen me around in the TCG side of the forums, because that is my kingdom come, err for lack of a better term... just screw it all together...

    Anyways, I love delving into the TCG, looking at all sorts of new and exciting decks, and I absolutely love giving other people advice on their decks, as it gives them better understanding, and gives me tons of satisfaction!

    Outside of Pokemon, I love playing Video Games! I am Currently playing Destiny 2, although I play, Overwatch, Crossout, Trove, Pokemon Moon, Clash Of Clans and many others, just ask me :p.
    I play PS4, XBOX 360, 3DS, PS3, Wii, and a few others including Mobile.

    Feel free to PM me questions about the TCG!
  15. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK why do i do the dirt that i do
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    Hello I am TeamAqua and this is hardly an introduction because if been on at least a month now posting stuff. I frequent the TCG side and the Creative Works but am rarely on mainstream games side. I run M Glalie/Sylveon GX IRL and Toxapex GX online. I do play the mainstream games and am getting Ultra Mon upon release. I also play Minecraft and watch Overwatch, Friday The 13th, Minecraft, and Deadrising 4 gameplay. My fave Pokemon is Sceptile.
  16. Otto von Bismarck *Preußens Gloria plays*
    Otto von Bismarck


    Hello, Iron Chancellor here. I've loved Pokemon for as long as I can remember and my favorite game is HeartGold or Ruby. I am pretty hyped about the upcoming games because I liked Moon a lot. I've dabbled in the TCG and I've started collecting the cards more regularly. My favorite Pokemon is Rayquaza. I'm very interested in history and I sometimes watch anime but not that often. I am currently also teaching myself how to draw. Pokemon is my favorite game series.
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  17. Oddish22 Aspiring Trainer


    Hi everyone.
    I have been on PokéBeach for several years, but never wrote anything and somehow my previous account did not work anymore, so I created a new one.

    I am mainly a Pokémon trading card collector, that's also the reason why I'm visiting PokéBeach regularly. I have collected from Base Set to Neo Revelation as a child (but not more than ca. 5 booster packs per set plus a few theme decks) and later again since BW Next Destinies (when HGSS and late Diamon&Pearl, Platinum packs were still around for regular prices.) That means I did not open any pack between Neo Revelation (2 packs) and Holon Phantoms (about 10 packs), since BW Dark Explorers I have opened >10 packs from each set, either in English or Japanese, with addition of 3 Korean booster boxes.
    My favourite sets are Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge. I don't know why they never did anything like that again in the BW/XY/SM eras.

    My favourite generations are 1 and 2, but I also like the last two, liking the 5th and 4th the least.

    My favourite Pokémon is Oddish since the Team Rocket card, which I loved to use. I never played competitively, just with friends and family. I especially like grass, electric Pokémon, my favourite Gym Leader is Erika.

    I have lived in Denmark, Germany and China - Denmark uses English cards and English cards usually are cheaper than German cards, so I almost only collected English cards. But during the last 2 years I also have bought a few (I think 5) Japanese booster boxes, especially for subsets/special sets like SM3+, Evolutions. Also, I have bought some Japanese Vending and VS cards on Ebay, because they don't exist in other languages than Japanese and have really good artwork.
    I mainly want to complete sets excluding ultra rares (EXs, GXs, SR etc.), because I don't play competitively, but want 1 of every artwork. So often I open some boosters of a set and buy extra rares/holos I did not get, if they don't cost more than ~2 € online.
    I have never played the video games apart from one fangame on the PC and have watched a few anime episodes and movies in the past, but far from a lot and I would never watch them all.
    I have played the TCG online a bit, but I will never have a competitive standard deck. Maybe I could, because I have about 200 unused code cards lying around, but I'm not interested enough.

    Other hobbies include: football (soccer; both playing and following leagues/tournaments), table tennis (playing), rowing, music production, cooking/baking, writing songs-poetry-novels, hiking, photography, painting (rarely finding time). I have collected stamps, plushes in the past. Now I also collect coins from different countries I travel to or get from friends who travelled and sports kits (not many and never new ones though, since they are very expensive here).
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  18. Trainer Nahr Aspiring Trainer
    Trainer Nahr


    Hello TCG fam! I am Trainer Nahr, a pokemon fan since '99 and a recent newbie to collecting TCG cards, to anybody who enjoy's watching TCG unboxings, checkout some fun videos where I pull amazing cards checkout my channel on youtube:
    Feedbackis appreciated and make sure to read the video description on how to enter my giveaway!
  19. PumpedAaron S Type Armor


    Hey guys. Long time no see. It's been about 3 years or so since I was last active, but here I am again! I'm your resident Machamp fan. While I like Pokemon, and play the VG and TCG, I've taken quite a shining to Puyo Puyo lately. Howdidy doo!
  20. Attix Electric Delivery Driver from Washington


    Hello there! My name is Dylan (my username is my last name), and I joined this site because I was looking for a decent TCG site. I'm fairly new to the TCG, but I have over three years experience in the video games.

    My other interests include hiking, biking, field research and staring at rocks, writing bad fanfiction, getting a job, paying off student loans, freaking my stepmom out with my questionable driving skills, crap-posing on Donald Trump's Twitter feed, and reading Touhou mangas.
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