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I'm going to give myself a proper introduction, though I've been on the site since April.

The name's Tiffany. I've been a Pokemon fan since 2013, though I was introduced to it back in 2011. My first game was Y, which I've played about 3 times. Then I got Omega Ruby, and finally, Black. I enjoy collecting Pokemon cards, but I know nothing about competitive play. My favorite Pokemon are Fennekin, Arceus, Rayquaza, Articuno, and Zygarde. As for characters, I like Cilan, Chili, Cress, Cheren, Clemont, Gladion, and Trevor. Hope to see you around the site.

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Hello Everybody,

My name is Bobby but everyone calls me Smooth. I use to play local competitive in Pokemon Gen 1. I have not played in a long time but PTCGO has made it so easy to collect and play. My mom passed away 2 years ago and while cleaning the house I found my old Pokemon cards. My little brother had no one his age to play with so I did. Not even two months after losing my mom I had my daughter. It has helped with the loss of my mother in a fun way. I remember my mom always had problems pronouncing the Pokemon names. She also would leave the Jiggly-puff song on your voicemail for no reason. In conclusion I love my mom, daughter and Pokemon haha.

Can't wait to make friends and enemies.

Thank you


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Good afternoon everyone,
My name is James. I also go by the names iPur3Instinct or cR Cryo. However I do prefer you just call me James. I am the owner of a gaming clan which is still running and looking for new members. I am a huge fan of Pokemon. My first game was Pokemon Sapphire. I am also a new fan of TCGO and am currently working on making some new decks. I am also a web designer and have been for years. I design sites like PhpBB and Xenforo sites as well as some free softwares like Forumotion. I am excited to be here and want to meet a lot of you all!

If you have any questions for me, feel free to send me a message. My inbox is always open for conversations with new people!


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Hi I'm new here.
My name is Aristotle I have been playing the TCG for about 3 years now but have been collecting since I was a kid. I am from Davis West Virginia and enjoy playing the video game too ( my first was hgss). My favorite pokemon are Blastoise, Gengar, Gardevoir and Latios.


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Hi i am new here. My name is Andrew and i have just very recently got back into Pokemon TCG. I used to play alot as a kid and still to this day have played every pokemon game growing up. I am hear to learn all types of strategies in the TCG and want to learn how to build my own, fun decks. I also buy and sell cards on ebay. My favorite pokemon are Blastoise, Infernape, Totadile, and Noivern.


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Yo, new here. Gonna be honest, I registered so I can join the upcoming PTCGO tournament. Been playing TCG since 10 years ago, started PTCGO 5 months ago. I have been lurking around this site age ago to get reliable tcg news and battle strategies.


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Hello everybody,

My name is Brandon, you can gladly call me whatever you'd like. I have been a big fan of Pokemon since gen 1, my favorite starter was always Bulbasaur, literally being the only one I knew who chose it. I have every game so far and really looking forward to getting Pokemon Sun/Moon. I have been a huge fan of competitive battling also, probably spending most of my time making teams for that or tutoring others. If you want to get to know me a bit more you can always ask me, I don't want to make this too long. Hope to make a few new friends here!

See ya,


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Hi everyone, sockcreature here~
I've been playing pokemon since the beginning but I decided recently that I'd like to get into TCG more. I heard this was a good place to learn about deck building so here I am :)
A little about me: I'm 23, I work as a software engineer in the Seattle, WA area. Other games I'm into besides pokemon are monster hunter, love live school idol festival, and the final fantasy franchise. I love all the CUTE pokemon and thus the shinx as my picture <3
I hope to learn a lot thanks for having me


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Im oxtepig2020 and i first got into pokemon about five years ago. I am now an avid pokemon fan and i love tepig. I currently dont play competitively but i would like to in the near future and so I joined this site to learn some things about pokemon.

See yous around


Im LimeDelinquent, but please, call me Lime!

Im from Scotland, and I have been playing pokemon since gen 4.
I joined this site because there are literally no pokemon fans where I live. (Theres about 4, and there is a pokemon tournament on every Sunday, but it is usually filled with little kids who just picked up ORAS and dont know how to get past the 1st gym.)
I hope to make new friends here, so if you would like to talk please sent me a message or something.
See you all around!


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Hey, I recently found pokebeach and this is a profile (i guess). I first discovered the amazing world of pokemon early 2016 when my friend had been telling me about random things in the pokemon universe but it never really grabbed me and finally he loaned me his copy of pokemon x and I instantly fell in love with it. I quickly got deeper into this world and only in the past 5 months or so did i dive into (and hard) into the TCG which is probably my favorite aspect of the pokemon world. So dont judge me if i get anything mixed up or anything im still a little bit of a newbie but ive been picking up packs here and there and i just purchased the keldeo vs rayquasa battle deck. I am a freshman in highschool and am 14 yrs old. I live in Texas in the U.S. and some things im interested in 0ther than pokemon are LEGO, Marvel comics, origami, star wars, anime, books(lots and lots of different series), baseball, and other random things. Oh and if you have any must haves for a new fan (ive played red and silver btw) it would be awesome if you messaged me.
If you are reading this you just read 200 words (yes i counted) Im proud of you

Make that more words because my favorite pokemon is cubone i forgot to say that :p


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Herro, name's Veedra

I just got back into pokemon collecting about a month or so back (after like a decade since the last time I touched a card) thanks to my little brother getting into pokemon recently. So knowing how mystified I was about pokemon and how life changing that was for me when I was around his age (grew up with gen 1 baby!), I decided to start collecting partly to get and keep him excited about pokemon. So far so good :) In doing so it seemed to trigger an old spark and now I too am having a blast opening packs as well, so much so that I recently made a youtube channel specializing specifically in pack openings!

I'm a collector at heart, never was much into the dueling aspect, but I joined here specifically because of the nice news updates on the front page of new tcg hitting the market, so I'll poke my head in once a while in those threads ^^ That pretty much covers everything, oh, and Misty (female protagonist from the early pokemon cartoon shows) is my eternal waifu! Goal is to collect every Misty card in existence @.@


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Hey guys, wish I could like every one of your posts but it's really late at the moment. I'm banpresto and I've always been fascinated in Pokemon, though moreso for creative uses ranging from art, to music, even teambuilding. The creative fandom around the franchise is some of the best I know. I'm not big on introductions, just know I have about every main series pokemon game(excluding identical versions). This site looks great and I'm hopeful I'll enjoy myself here.


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Ever since I was a child, I've been following Pokémon. My memories begin with me sitting on the floor watching the cartoons before school. Shortly after I started collecting the cards, and trading them with my friends. In this period I also played the original Pokémon games on the Game Boy. During my teenage years I distanced myself from a lot of things that I was following, and Pokémon was one of them.

Now that I'm an adult, I find myself going back to what I used to enjoy, possibly in search of re-living the good moments. I've been considering collecting Pokémon cards, and through some research I found people recommending this site. Here I am now.


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UPDATE: As of today, 12 Nov, a fellow named CHARWIZARD has review my photos and has classified my card as a fake. This is very intriguing.

Hello, I am mannheimer6. And I am rather intimidated by the depth of knowledge of this site! I am a card collector and love the history of cards and the eras they represent. My stepson, now 25, bought Pokémon items because it was a fad for him. Being sentimental I have hung on to a lot of things and one of these is a very, very strange Charizard card that I can vouch was bought new in a hobby store many years ago. It is a shadowless Charizard and is not holographic. I have done some research and cannot find anything anywhere other than some individuals who declare the card a fake and then want to buy it. It is not for sale, it is for research. It is a WotC product base, 4/102 - non holo Charizard. I can see through it when I hold it up to a light - but I also know for a fact that this card came out of a sealed box at a hobby store in perhaps 1999 - 2002. Has anyone ever heard of this card that is not fake? I am rather lost so I am asking experts and can post a photo if needed. Thank you for your patience.
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Hello! I'm Szymon from Poland.

My first experience with PTCG was game on GameBoy around 15 years ago.

Around 2 years ago I played it again, and this time started to get real cards. Since PTCG scene in Poland is really small, I had to travel to other cities to play with people. I was on a few foreign regional tournaments and started recently league in my city, Łódź. We don't have any tournaments that give CP in Poland, but we are doing everything we can to make that happen :)

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Why you joined! I like to find other collecters/players of Pokemon to stay connected with the community

Where you found out about PokéBeach! Afew people always post links in some facebook groups im in

Your interests! Huge collector of Pokemon cards

Hobbies! I actually compete nationally in paintball tournaments around the country

Anything else you want us to know about you! Well i just recently started back with collecting Pokemon cards about a month ago with all the hype over the 20th anniversary stuff that was released and i started a Youtube channel unboxing alot of the new products coming out and been trying to get some older stuff to showcase it aswell on my channel. Im still fairly new to the competitive side of the game but i thoroughly enjoy collecting and building all the sets.


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Hi i'm Oliver/Mimikewl and i'm 14 years old as of right now. I started playing Pokémon at 5th gen. My first game was Black then I got Soul-Silver shortly after. I also play some of the older Pokémon titles, heck I play Red and Gold on my GameBoyPocket sometimes. My first game systems were the GBA SP and the GameCube however at the time of their height in popularity I still didn't have Pokémon games for them. However now Gen 3, Gen 2 and Gen 5 are my favorite Generations. Gen 3 for Firered and Leafgreen, Gen 2 for GSC and HG SS(I know they're technically Gen 4 ,but I didn't care for Dp/P/Plt/ so I just didn't want confuse anyone.) and Gen 5 for B/W B2/W2. I also like Rom Hacks of Gen 3 primarily and I also play Colosseum. Some of my other interests include Star Wars and Transformers. So yeah that's enough from me because I could just rant on and on about my interests so I'm going to stop here. Smell ya l8r!


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  • Why you joined!
  • Where you found out about PokéBeach!
  • Your interests!
  • Hobbies!
  • Anything else you want us to know about you!
Hey everyone, I'm joining because I wanted to be more connected to the pokemon community. I've been collecting for a while and now I'm starting to play the game. I found pokebeach through a youtube channel... honestly can't remember which one because everyone seems to talk about it. I've recently started a youtube channel. Come check it out, and subscribe if you like it...


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Hello, everyone! Long-time lurker, first time poster. I actually just signed up today because I realized I never bothered to make an account despite visiting this site frequently for years. At this point I don't even remember how I originally came to discover PokéBeach, but it was probably because of the TCG scans that used to be hosted here. I enjoyed checking out TCG cards even during the period of time when I stopped playing/collecting. (Which was during the EX Ruby/Sapphire days!) I became somewhat interested again when HeartGold/SoulSilver was released, but I found that I had nobody else in my life locally who really cared about the games or cards so I didn't bother with the cards, and I even stopped playing the games after HeartGold. I actually didn't play/buy any pokemon merchandise whatsoever until the release of the XY-FlashFire TCG expansion. The PTCGO program was in beta (I think...?) and it was free, so I gave that a whirl. I found that I really enjoyed casual play, but found the intense competitive side of it to be annoying.

I infrequently played PTCGO for awhile until I eventually decided that I would try buying real cards again. I ended up buying some theme decks and a few booster packs and started playing with real cards when XY-Phantom Forces came out. I discovered that while a few cards were both fun and balanced in the BW era, I detested most of them because of the absurdity in their power when compared to the Unlimited sets. (Base~NeoDestiny, which comprised the majority of my cards) XY-onward was strong enough to keep pace with BW, but seemed a lot more balanced when you removed things like Hypnotoxic Laser and whatnot, so I made a point to only play XY-onward with the very few people that I had available to play with. When my then-girlfriend at the time (Currently my wife) Bought an Elite Trainer Box for me (My very first one ever -- XY-PrimalClash) we made better decks and started to play with each other much more frequently. We were into it pretty heavily, frequenting card shops and by the time XY-BREAKPoint came out, we had enough card shop credit to buy two entire booster boxes full. Since we didn't play competitively we would end up selling off most of the EX cards and Secret Rares to recoup costs of playing casually.

Generations came out and my wife really enjoyed collecting the pins and liked how cute the radiant collection was, but that was the point where we slowed way down on collecting and playing. We only have very limited quantity of XY-FatesCollide and onward, and we decided to buy singles if we really needed something. We also started using monochrome print-out proxies to test things instead of just making impulse buys. I have been sort of curious about the competitive scene but some of the people I have tried playing against have been less-than-agreeable, and the decks they use have been largely copies of each other and really unoriginal. That could have just been poor luck, though. As for online-play, I have a lot of unopened booster packs on PTCGO as I really don't play anymore, save to use it as an interactive card-Dex. As far as videogames go, I finally decided to play pokemon again when OmegaRuby came out, and I definitely do not regret that decision. What a lovely remake! I played XY later on and really did not like it, save for the fashion-aspect of it, but since PokéMon Sun has that, I gave my copy of PokéMon Y to my sister. PokéMon Sun&Moon has really gotten me more excited about both the games and TCG. The Sun&Moon set looks great and I am tempted to buy a booster box again. I figured if I am going to buy cards more frequently, I might as well consider finding more people to play with, or at the very least to talk about the cards with.

tl;dr: Hi, I am some random chick that has been lurking for a long time but have decided to become a bit more social, as PokéMon Sun&Moon has gotten me more into the video games and way more into the TCG. I am considering playing TCG competitively if I can find a fun and friendly way to get into it. My favorite pokémon is Shuckle and my favorite game is PokéMon Gold Version. Let's chat!