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    Pokemon Best Wishes: Season 1 Episodes (No Season 2 Discussion)

    RE: Pokemon Best Wishes Episodes I have Possibilities that James is gonna get a Alien Pokémon, and Maractus
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    BW/BW2 3 More New Name!

    Confirmed by the Nintendo Magazine: Koon is now, Cress and Pod is Called Chili (good name) and Yooterri is Lillipup (Another Name Confirmed, and True!) So Cilan, Chili, and Cress. Both with the Letter "C"!
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    (1) First English Clip of "Black and White" Animé [1/31]

    I kinda felt Tepig Voice sounds good ^^. Oshawott.... (*chuckles*) he's sounds like a Shy Girl. Snivy (maybe)... It's kinda good. That Catchphrase for every Tepig will always be "Tepig is Epic!" But how do you guys feel about the voices? Your Suggestion.
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    Pokemon Best Wishes: Season 1 Episodes (No Season 2 Discussion)

    RE: Pokemon: Black and White Episodes I hope Tepig will still stay, he's my favorite Starter. I want Snivy to Leave. :(
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    BW/BW2 Gym Leaders Thread

    This Thread will be about Guess the 8 Gym Leader Names. (include Pod, Kon, and Iris) So i only have Dento, and i think he might be Leif. So, Take your Guess! Til, Updates, and Spoilers Confirmed.
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    (2) Black and White Anime, TCG Set Dates [1/24]

    I know that it would be on a Sat from the whole prediction, not on Fri, so i kinda knew it's on a Sat. Also? Why do i have a feeling Dento is gonna be called Lief, or Leif in English.
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    (2) All Names Possibly Revealed, More 'Black' and 'White' English Names Revealed [1/13]

    RE: (1) More 'Black' and 'White' English Names Revealed [1/13] Woobat (Wool + Bat) was a such a Great Name! ^^ it's kinda better than Korimori. A few kinda feel Very dissapointing, but it something i might know, and get used of it... Drillbur (Drill + Burrow but it's for short.) It's an...
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    (1) National Mall Tour Announced for 'Black' and 'White;' Celebi Download [1/11]

    I'm so Excited, but this make me think... when will they tell the time of this Awesome Tour? when will it start, i know the days, but the time is kinda off-track....
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    BW/BW2 Pokemon Black and White U.S Names(guess)

    It's suppose to be Samurai and Rapids (water related)
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    BW/BW2 Pokemon Black and White U.S Names(guess)

    Snivy-(Pythoak)-(Basileaf) Tepig-(Warmhog)-(Temboar) Oshawott-(Niagrott)-(Samurapid)
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    BW/BW2 Movie 14 Products hiding a Pokemon - could it be a new forme, a hidden Legendary, or something else?

    It's Possibly Zekrom, and Reshiram. Besides, i might be about Zekrom protects Victini against Reshiram from hurting him, or for some unknown plot.
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    (2) New BW English Names, 'Black' and 'White' American Release Date - March 6th! [12/27]

    First Off, CN airs the Animes like Bakugan, Beyblade, and a few Action Shows on Saturdays! Not, on a Fridays!....i listed the Schedule from the Calendar.... Friday is March 4th Saturday is March 5th Sunday is March 6th Why people that the Anime will air on Friday... Besides the Action Shows...
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    (2) New BW English Names, 'Black' and 'White' American Release Date - March 6th! [12/27]

    No, This! is the Real Deal.. (But it's just a guess) Janurary 3rd-9th: Raikou (Shiny) @ Gamestop Janurary 17th-23rd: Entei (Shiny) @ Gamestop Janurary 30th-Feburary 5th: Ash's Pikachu @ Toy's R Us! Janurary 31st-Feburary 6th: Suicune (Shiny) @ Gamestop Feburary 1st: Pokemon: Arceus: Jewel of...
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    (7) Lots of News [12/24]

    ^It's Now Changed^ Come Check it Out! [hr] I did'nt know what to put, but it's now edited.Instead it's now Fountzee
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    (7) Lots of News [12/24]

    The Final Evo name for the Trio are (as a guess ends with the word "Zee") Yanakii: Cazzee (Cassia (s is now a z) + Zee (Word for Chimpanzee)) Baokii: Flarzee (Flare + Zee (again)) Hiyakii: Fountzee (Fountain + Zee (as always)) (EDIT: Ihe I'm Editing Hydrazee, it's now Fountzee) Good name huh?