SM10a \'GG End\' Mini-Set in April


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I wanna try making a mawile gx deck, but how to go about it...
The baby giratina could get annoying, but i feel like the attack cost is too high to warrant use since it would just take up bench space. The art is good though?


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The fact that there's no regular Raichu in the set outright feels wrong. I know most Tag Team GX don't include baby versions on their sets, but this one went out of its way to include baby versions of Giratina, Alolan Raichu and Garchomp...

Cucked forever.

Note: I know he is on Night Unison but it's still weird

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I think this set is decent. Not many strong cards except stamp makes it super broken. Wonder if there will be a gold stamp


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Why is there (not) a kadabra? Did they have an incomplete evo line?

Kadabra won't be used in the TCG for the indefinite future because of the Uri Gellar controversy. The last Alakazam cards we had were EX/Mega EX cards in the Gen 6 Fates Collide set that didn't rely on Kadabra cards as Alakazam EX itself was the basic.

The last Abra card was from DP2 Mysterious Treasures in 2007 and it had an attack that let it evolve straight into Alakazam (also printed in Mysterious Treasures) to bypass Kadabra entirely.


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So the set is garbage outside of Stamp, Big Oven and the stage 2 lines. Also lol at still printing two colorless as a cost in cards when we don't know if Double Colorless is getting reprinted.

At least the art on the dragon cards is good?

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So the set is garbage outside of Stamp, Big Oven and the stage 2 lines. Also lol at still printing two colorless as a cost in cards when we don't know if Double Colorless is getting reprinted.

At least the art on the dragon cards is good?
hmmmm.... it's almost like they're planning to not rotate DCE. lol


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You could have said the same about all the dragon cards still having hecked up energy costs, yet they never reprinted Double Dragon Energy.


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A translation correction:

-Magmar: Smoke Bomb > Smokescreen, a move it gets in the games.

Anyway, I have no idea why the Axew line went from specializing in Fighting and Steel to Fire and Steel. What does Fire have to do with them besides them being able to use Incinerate (a fairly weak attack coming from their low Special Attack) in the games ?

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This is a set where missing pairs are found. Escavalier without Accelgor and Latias without Latios.
  • Karrablast/Escavalier - Nah. The huge caviat in the 1st atk makes it a huge caviat to victory. 2/2-3
  • Magmar/Magmortar - We have stuff like Welder to make Fire decks better. This one doesn't caught my interest. Meh. 3/3
  • Heatran-GX - A one-of in some Fire decks. 3-4 Geodudes
  • Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure - Yes. This could cheat evolutions because we have Dusk Stone, many uses will took the use of it. 2/3/3-4
  • Raichu & Alolan Raichu TTGX - 5 Geodudes. It's awesome.
  • Pikachu/Alolan Raichu - Not fine to stack energy on a 110 HP Pokemon. 3/3-4
  • Stunfisk - low base dmg, not lovin it. Using different enrgy, lovin it. 90 min for F is ok. Not impressed much. 2-3 Geodudes
  • Tornadus/Thundurus - most good atks uses C energy, good. Tornadus doing 80 and spread 20 for CCC is good nuts but still you don't hit for weakness and weak to Electropower sucks. Thundurus doing 70 for DCE is good because we have Electropower capping to 220 is good. Its alright. 3-4/3-4
  • Cubone/Alolan Marowak - You have no control on what dmg you can do with stuff like Hiker and Frosty Axe. 3/3
  • Drifloon/Drifblim - Nice option for TTGX decks especially these have high RC. 3/3-4
  • Munna/Musharna - another 2-turn stuff which annoys me a lot. What if you'll stay asleep on the next turn. Even if you use switch out using Escape Rope, the effect will be nullified. Unless we have ways to prevent sleep. 3/2
  • Giratina - Not as good as Kartana but a good option. 3-4 Geodudes
  • Gible/Gabite/Garchomp - Use stuff like Black Belt, Fighting Dojo, and some like Mismagius and FBL Gible and Gabite, you can do 260 for one energy. 2/2/5
  • Riolu/Lucario - I love that the ability stacks but are you dedicate space for it? 3/3-4
  • Meloetta - We can do better. 3 Geodudes
  • Meditite/Medicham - Mismagius and Black Belt can do 120 for one F nrg, that was before Diancie and Dojo pushes to 210 and KO Zoroark (ignore the weakness). 3/3-4
  • Z10 - Zygarde decks arise. 4-5 Geodudes
  • Hoopa - weaker than Weavile. Weavile do up to 300 this up to 130, meh! 3 Geodudes
  • Mawile-GX - I will protest if we won't get Sableye-GX in the nxt set. Anyways, this card is unimpressive. 3 Geodudes
  • Giratina & Garchomp TTGX - Even with Black Belt, the GX atk is hard to feed the extra effect because F nrg is hard to accelerate nowadays. 4 Geodudes
  • Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus - MORE UNOVA!!! The ability and Zinnia can do 210 dmg min. Although Zinnia needs a sacced Vulpix to activate which is sucks. Haxorus can be grabbed with Lance, same condition as Zinnia. That was before damage modifier activates. 3/3/4
  • Latias - Snipe a stacked Lele for just 1 nrg. TBH, few people stack their energy on a Tapu Lele. This also good on TTGX because it needs more energy to use their GX atk. 3-4 Geodudes
  • Kangaskhan - I only see this card work is a Porygon-Z deck that plays 7 TTGX. Other than that, eh?! 3-4 Geodudes
  • Bidoof/Bibarel - Amnesia for TBE is good. Not hitting for weakness, bad. 3-3
  • Munchlax - Stall some love. 3-4 Geodudes
  • Pidove/Tranquill/Unfezant - the trashness of the card is same as the trashness of the particular Pokemon. 2/2/2
  • Tag Switch - good to preserve nrg on the field. 4 Geodudes
  • Giant Furnace - a must in Fire decks and good Welder combo. 5 Geodudes
  • Reset Stamp - one-sided N. 4-5 Geodudes
  • Black Belt - nice! 4 Geodudes
  • Grimsley - perfect for manipulating KOs just like ROS Absol does. Still no Liepard tho. 3-4 Geodudes
  • Coach Trainer - perfect for TTGX decks if they want pure draw. 4 Geodudes
  • TR cards - Don't expect them to be reprinted in the set proper.
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Wow. This... Out of all the cards here that were not previous leaked... None of them are good. I usually do in-depth reviews of cards but this? That would just be a waste of time and battery percentage.


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Also I think the cards for Unfezant and Tranquill should be switched. May be an error or I am just stupid.