Introduce Yourself!

Hello there, I'm SeriousTemple. Ever since I started playing the Pokémon TCG back in February, I've been coming to Pokebeach for news, card information and deck strategies. Figured now's a good time to make myself known and actually post instead of lurk.

My hobbies include gaming, watching incredibly cheesy shows, and kicking my friend's arse in the TCG.
Hi!! my name is aleera and I just joined because I was looking for friend codes and google send me here!! I want to complete my pokedex on pokemon X and I need a little help with the friend safari !
Hello everyone I'm pkm_lover also known as Jackie, I was actually looking up a really good pokemon site and this was one that popped up. I am here to trade friend codes and hope to find lots of friends!! :)
Hi! I'm ShinyEmpoleon and I'm Nolan on Pokémon X/Y

:I do Pokemon News on YT (Link:
:I Shiny Hunt (I have 10 shinys ATM)
:I know Masuda method
:FC is 5429-8441-2902

Thanks! Add me!
Hey everybody! I joined Pokebeach, so I could read more about the news because I like Pokemon a lot. I also wanted to get the latest information about the new cool stuff coming out. I'm really excited to be member of Pokebeach!
Hey Im Professor Willow, I'm a TCG Professor and just starting to do competitive VGC Battling, Looking forward to learning a lot from here.
I'm Elliott,

I'm 16 and I love Pokemon games. I joined this site to get to know more about the game and to talk to other people about it and gain friends and advice.
Hello, I am Shiny Breloom. The only reason why I took this username because Shiny Breloom is my favorite Pokemon, since it appeared in my dream, where it belongs to me (a shiny shroomish). :rolleyes:Then it becomes my savior when some mafia want to kill me. It suddenly evolve and knock out those mafia with its Sky Uppercut (lol it's a dream :D). I join here because I want some friends for my 2DS. Actually, I play Pokemon Y in my 2 DS :) I like trading and friend safari there (of course raising my Pokemon too). I really like Pokemon since I watch the anime, then trying to play the Leaf Green. I collecting Pokemon TCG too, but only until gen 4 cards. My favorite Pokemon games until now is Pokemon Emerald and I'm excited since the announcement of Hoenn Remakes!:) ah, sorry if my English is not perfect. I'm Indonesian afterall :D
Hi I joined pokebeach to get some friends on y and check out some pokemon stuff.

FC: 4356-0540-1812
Add me if you feel like it[/quote]
Hi, I'm Samantha. I collect Pokemon merchandise and joined the forum because I have been getting into the TCG and want to read advice.
Hey Im Malking i love pokemon and have been a fan for a really long time. I play the tcg, x and y, and cant wait for alpha saphire and omega ruby. I am currently on my fourth or fith run through of x and y but really need some friend codes for when I reach the safari. I also want to get to know some pokemon fans other than a few of my friends.
My current favorite pokemon is between Gardevoir and Malamar. Whats yours?:D
Hello Guys! I'm Daniel! I've been in & out of Pokemon for a couple years but i'm here to stay now. 9 months ago my whole collection of mostly Old School Pokemon cards got stolen, probably 700+ cards. It really upsets me more now than ever:( Well i've been slowly regrowing the collection and I really love playing the TCG!
Greetings, I'm Ninetales.

I've been an on and off pokefan and decided to join on a whim upon finding the site.
I am a writer and artist who looks to spice the fourm up a bit. :)
My name is aaron im 19 years old. I have been a fan since i was like 6 i have beaten pokemon red blue gold silver crystal leafgreen fire red saphire ruby emerald diamond pearl platinum heartgold soulsilver black white 1 and 2 ,,,x and y LOL i only play these type of Pokémon games. I collected cards as a kid nothing too serious. And i have been using pokebeach to find the latest news since i was in 8th grade i have been out of high school for 2 years now. I created an account because i want to chat about all this new news pokemon has put out :)
Yo! I'm blaze.
Been playing pokemon since Gold aka 2nd Gen. My favourite Gen is 3rd one (Emerald in particular). My favourite Pokemon is Eevee (and all the eeveelutions) and I love Yveltal if only counting most recent Gen.
I mainly joined due to Vivillon frustrations and decided sign up, though I hope to know the Pokémon community better too~

Nice to meet you all!~
Hey, I'm David or HoennFan1412. I'm 19 and from the UK. I've been playing Pokémon since Gen 2 but I don't really remember much of it, so I consider Gen 3 to be my starting point in the series. R/S/E remain my favourite games in the series but I have high hopes for OR/AS to take their place. My main reason for joining is to discuss news about OR/AS and also to build my hype for the games.
Greetings names kaleo aka Thabodyguard61 i happened across this site while looking for pokefans across the globe trades or just all in all fun also i play psn and xbox psn:bloodybankai xbox:xthabodyguardx look forward to seeing you guys and gals in the game word also i larp in texas :)