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  • Hey, sorry for the late reply.
    It definitely looks interesting so far! I'll have to try and keep up with it for sure, so you best continue the good work! :D
    Basically, it's fine, but I still wanted to point out what you've done with the mood swing in the story.
    I wouldn't call it unrealistic, but the event itself downplayed the Aron Ryan had received as his gift. So overall, the starting chapter was a tad bipolar in the sense that the bright mood was suddenly ruined, but it's still realistic.
    Looking forward to reading it! :D I just returned home from my holiday in France after my internship in Japan, but I'll read it after I managed to catch up on stuff! :D
    I completely understand! Our forum really does have a great little selection of stories, too. I'm proud to mod it :D Oh, and thanks for the compliment! I really enjoy writing, even if it's just basic poems or adaptations from other plots/characters. The effort alone is worth it! I can't wait for an update on your story!
    Hey Ninetales, welcome to the forums!

    I heard that you're interested in art and writing. You should check out the Writer's Corner and the art forums around it if you're interested in submitting your work.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you around. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
    Hey, welcome to the site!
    Good to see some new artists coming around, are you looking to post some of your work here?
    Hey! Welcome to PokeBeach! :D I'm looking forward to read some of your writing!
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