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    Logan Paul’s ‘Base Set’ Case is Fake: Threats, Bribery, and Shady Behavior Down the Ladder

    Long time lurker here popping out of my cave to say that anyone who thinks this video and reaction is fake really needs to look at the parties involved that are getting affected by this "publicity stunt". This is one of the few occasions where getting your name attached to something ISNT a good...
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    Extended Hoopa Movie Trailer (Spoiler: Everyone Dies)

    Nah, it's not the dub. Black/White's 1st movie's concept of releasing the same movie in 2 versions is where I personally stopped, though granted, the Keldeo and Diancie movies Ive been meaning to check out.
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    Extended Hoopa Movie Trailer (Spoiler: Everyone Dies)

    It looks neat but I do have to wonder if its gonna be the same recycled plots we've had the last several years. I would have also appreciated if there was multiple trainers partnering up with the legendaries instead of just Ash but thats me
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    Pokemon 'CoroCoro' Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year's Film

    It could always be a gen 7 Pokemon tease too. We're slowly approaching the time where we normally get a new gen game anyway (I'd bet on 2017)
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    'Mega Master Deck Builder Boxes' Releasing in Japan

    If this is a new thing Japan is doing, I can only hope The Pokemon Company International takes notice and decides to adapt this here since, as someone pointed out, this is being done with Magic anyway.
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    Collecting How Do You Organize Your Collection?

    Adding to the comments, I've done my collection similar to how a few people replied here: Having a binder per generation (gen 1, 2, 3, etc. Though gen 3 required 2 binders) and having a card box for duplicate common/uncommon/normal rare cards that are no longer legal. Ive also used the tins to...
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    New Hoopa and XY: Heroine Sleeves

    Silly question, but would that in turn make the sleeves legal in modified play in the states or is this a specific rule thats unique in the japanese format?
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    Speculation [Theory] The Next Pokemon Games

    A rumor without any remote source whatsoever? Yeah I'm sorry, but I'm calling fake (... though honestly some of the points made in that rumor seems like an obvious given that it'll likely happen sooner or later. Mostly the Johto starters getting Mega Evolutions)
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    BW/BW2 How to Access the Dream World

    You have to attempt to connect to the Dream World through your C-Link first by tapping on the wifi signal. Once you do, simply go through the process, select which Pokemon you want in the Dream World, and after a while, you should receive a code. Then, supposivly, you enter the code here...
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    (1) Another Crazy Laptop Story For Your Enjoyment [1/17]

    WPM, don't take it wrong, but that was probably the most person thing anyone could have done. ... I know you said you know this, but really, I think it needs to be expressed AGAIN considering the fact that not only were you walking around the streets with a laptop in PLAIN sight, but you were...
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    (2) Shiny Pichu Download, Redesigned [1/11]

    RE: (1) Redesigned [1/11] I've seen redone sites lag like crazy like this before. I'm sure it'll stop after a while.
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    (1) Final Matches of Japan's World Championship Qualifier Tournament [5/6]

    Wobbuffet loses any of it's effectiveness in double battles. If it didn't, it would have been banned.
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    (1) Final Matches of Japan's World Championship Qualifier Tournament [5/6]

    ... your question was answered several replies ago >> Loved the match as well as the Orcastrated Cyrus theme. I'm hoping the small subtle hints lead to a PBR sequel of sorts, but even if this is just a special version for the tourney, I'm all for that too.
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    (3) Second Mr. Hidaka Interview Tomorrow, Interview with Masamitsu Hidaka at Anime Expo, Site Downti

    RE: (2) Interview with Masamitsu Hidaka at Anime Expo, Site Downtime [7/3] There's one question you should've asked him: What was in that GS Ball? Or better yet, why was it abandoned? (Plot hole most likely, yes)
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    (2) Famitsu Pokemon Platinum Scans, Gamestop Deoxys Moveset and Held Item [6/11]

    RE: (1) Gamestop Deoxys Moveset and Held Item [6/11] just as I thought. This is the exact same deoxys that was given out to those who pre-ordered the 10th movie tickets last year in Japan. Pretty nice we're getting more promo pokemon now.