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  • Haha, you know, I wasn't sure, because I've only played the English version of the games, and the snacks are translated as Snackoos. According to the internet, however, they were Karinto in the original Japanese, yes. :D
    Chocolate Snackoos, of course! :D

    I have a ton of extra pokes I can help you with. if you make me a list I'll see what I can do. I might or might not let you keep a few like Thundurus or stuff but I will send them to you to help fill up your dex. PM me a list.
    Hey, so your safari is Ground and I have seen Wooper and Marowak so far. If I had been patient I wouldn't have wasted time evolving Cubone and breeding Quagsire and caught them in your safari instead. I dont have access to your 3rd one yet.
    Yup. I read you were in Asia so I was wondering. :p I still wat to visit Kuala Lumpur sometime! That city looks so awesome! :D And I've seen beautiful pictures from all around Malaysia too. I'll definitely have to go there some day.
    Don't worry! The person hasn't been online in ages. :p There's no need to remove you unless you also get inactive at some point when I need to register people. <.<

    Yea I can be online then. Just send me a message.

    Which country are you from by the way?
    No, the site doesn't have a limit. I mean my 3DS was full. You can only register a 100 people. :p I removed someone that was inactive so I could add you. :) You got you a 3IV Froakie waiting. :D Let me know when you want to trade!
    I can get you a Protean Female Froakie as soon as I get home from my internship (in 3-4 hours).
    Hello lovandra! Thank you for the suggestion! One of the moderators will work on the thread. We had this type of thread for the older generations, but haven't made one for Generation 6.

    Let's see how it goes! :D
    That signature is adorable. I realize it's supposed to be unsettling, but Swadloon's too freakin' cute for it to be unsettling. Swadloon is one of my three favorite Pokemon, and I've never seen anyone else have a Swadloon avatar/signature.
    lovandra, kinda. I mean, I don't hate it; my opinion to it is just neutral. I'd like it more if shiny Gengar didn't have such a boring (grey) color.
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