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  • You're very welcome! Congrats on the shiny Vulpix and I wish you happy holidays! :)
    Hey! I'm online now too. I will connect to my 3DS! :)

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner, it's a bit of a busy period for me. :p
    Thanks for the help! Do you mind if I mention you as a donor in the actual Egglocke playthrough thread?
    Hey! Okay, I saw your response. Not sure if you already have my Friend Code or not, but just in case, it's 4940 - 6571 - 2811. When will you be available to trade?
    Also, if it's not too much to ask, could you just send me the one egg first and send the rest over later? There are no PCs until I get through the forest, and that would mean the other eggs would be in my party the whole time, which I don't really want.
    lovandra, "That was very nice," he said. "Does Butterfly sum up how you feel pretty well?" He spends a moment to think. "Hmmm... do you feel you need to be active in the way of moving from place to place?"
    lovandra, "Hmmmm," he ponders. "Do you feel upset or scared, or do you need to always be active?"
    "Hmm," he thinks. "Would you prefer to tell or would you not prefer tell?" He smirks. "That is the question." His facial expressions quickly turned serious. "Do not feel like you have to."
    "You seem to have gone and come back," he said, pointing out the obvious. "Some say you disappeared into the ground. Whatever the case, no one has seen you since." He paused. "You seem well known; are you an older, more prominent PB member?"
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