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  • I'm still at my cousin's 5th birthday. I'll be home later tonight. If you are not online, what about 5pm GMT tomorrow?
    This whole week I got university classes from about 9am to 5pm. Would tomorrow evening work? I'm going to bed now, but if you leave a message with what time you can be online after 6:30pm GMT I should be able to make it.
    Hey! I wasn't at home when you messaged me earlier (I use my phone to check the forums regularly when I'm not home). You can let me know when you're back. I'll be online for a while.
    Ok! If you need more eggs in the future, you can let me know. :D Sorry it took this long, haha.
    Sorry! I'm here now. Got caught up. I'm Brendan in game, I'll be online a while, so send me an offer when you see me.
    Hey, I didn't read your message until just now. I think it's best if we agree on a time for the trade. Can you do 6pm GMT (today/Tuesday)?
    I just added you and got the egg ready. I'm connecting now. My in-game name is Brendan. (I use the character's name. :p)
    I'm going to be unable to trade for the rest of the day so sometime before 8:00 GMT today or another date.
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