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  • My name is vienna. U can call me vie or lova or andra.

    I'm from small country in south east asia that not use english as it main language. So I will make some mistake in spelling or grammar. But, in my 5 years experiences wondering in forums. I've never told that my english is bad, except at my first forum for my first month, so I'm confidence that I wont hurt any eyes or boiled any brains :D.

    I like playing games, so I mainly join this forum just to playing games here. I'm a pokemon fan, like millions other fans. My favorite pokemon is the one and only Vulpix. My dream pokemon is silver Vulpix, with the color of shiny Ninetales. If anyone give me any silver Vulpix art. I will love them eternally!! *Who said I cant love more than one person at same times!! lolz*

    I known as vie, blackorchid, lovandra, ravena, r4vena in games and forums.
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