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  • Ah I understand now, thank you for explaining that to me!
    But how come I have 'Dragon'-safari? Is that different for every player? Does it ever change?

    I'll try to hurry up and finish the game, I'll be sure to notify you when I've beaten the League! :)
    Hey lovandra! Nope I haven't beaten the League yet, I just got my 7th badge so that might still take a while!
    Yes we traded before, your Snoopy is still happilly with me! :D

    What do you mean with 3rd Pokemon in Safari though?
    Just posting to tell you that I'm really liking your avatar and sig :3 so friggin cute
    Hahaha, okay, I guess that explains that. :p Maybe I'll be able to find some of the others sometime though, too. :D
    Usually over here it's just called saté; they don't talk about different types. :< It's usually a rich brown colour with a nice peanuty taste. Now I'll have to see if I can find some of the others. :D
    Haha, yeah, I'm not surprised the names are different; the Dutch probably change them to fit the way they pronounce things. :p That does sound like the chicken dish I like though. :D So much tasty stuff, omnomnom, and now I'm getting hungry... :<
    Probably saté; I certainly eat it the most! :D The names are probably different, but I also really like Ayam Smoor and Kambing Bumbu Bali. My parents are going to be visiting in a couple months and I'm hoping to take them out for Indonesian since it's not very common where we lived in the States, and I think they'd really enjoy it. :3
    I was born and raised in America, but I moved to the Netherlands in '12 to live with my husband here.

    Because Indonesia was a Dutch colony in the past, there are lots of Indonesian immigrants and shops here, and the food is very popular (there's an Indonesian restaurant near my mother-in-law's house that I love <3), though I don't know how many people speak the language since I'm not a very social person and I mostly talk to people in English anyway because my Dutch is very poor. :p
    lovandra, aha! That actually works for me cuz... I stayed up till 3am to find a shiny Pumpkaboo and overslept... that charm is so amazing! Okay we'll do it some other time.
    lovandra, yup, gonna send the pokes and I want them back until Clefairy and that stuff you'll be able to keep
    Don't worry about it! I am a critic at the Writer's Corner...it's what I do :p

    If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
    I guess "personality tester" would be more accurate, but "fortune teller" sounds much more mystical and fun. :D
    Nothing wrong with chocolate. :D

    Hard for me to pick a favourite Pokémon, but my top 3 are Bellsprout, Shellos, and Goomy. <3 I'm definitely a cute Pokémon kind of person. :p
    The character is Ema Skye, and although she appears in a few different games, this particular sprite is of her in the fourth game in the series, Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice.

    I've never eaten karinto before, but now that I know what they're called, I'll have to check and see if I can find some when I go to our local Asian supermarket to see what I think of them. :)
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