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  • I would but I can't even buy the game right now, haha. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas. If I do I'll try to be more active here, and maybe start up my trade thread again.

    Anyhoo, like I said, happy to see someone nice come back to the forums.
    Hi! Glad to see you're back. I'm not on much anymore but maybe I'll get alpha sapphire and get more interested again.

    But yeah, welcome back :3
    *totally not interfering with seleno**

    A PR is basically any role but VT (VT = no roles). Every role can aid the town in some way or another, except for VTs, who only have their vote.

    Examples of PRs:
    Double Voters
    Assorted other roles
    I don't see you online, your name is Vienna right? Just start a trade with me whenever you want a Pokemon with Pokerus!

    What do you mean with "what did it do?" though? PokeRus enhances the EV-stats your Pokemon gain when battling, if you're asking how I got it, I got it trough another nice person trough Wonder Trade!
    Once I figure out Pokebank and get my Shinies on there, I will probably reset my game too. I've seen so many people do Pokemon-challenges that I really feel like doing one myself!

    Oh and btw, are you interested in PokeRus? I recently got it and am sending it to everyone I know! :D
    Oh thanks a bunch! I didn't know any of that, I added my FriendCode to the list and hopefully be able to give you the 3rd Pokemon soon. ^^

    It's pretty cool I'm the rare Dragon type though, feels kind off special! :D
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