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    I was wondering when you'd get unbanned... Did you see my previous name?
    Care to get back to my PM, please? It's been over two weeks and I'm kinda worried. : (
    Lil Wayne, Awesome. Any time.

    More people on PokeBeach are familiar with general VG (you might here it get called PO, both mean the same thing) than people are with VGC, so you've got lots of people to ask if you want to make a VG team.
    Lil Wayne, VGC is the stuff sponsored by Nintendo, and can only be played on DSs. Its the stuff with Regionals, Nationals, etc, and has prize support. Unfortunately, its a very terrible format that allows broken Pokemon to roam free (like Excadrill, Garchomp, Blaziken and Thundurus).

    VG is competitively playing on a simulator, like Pokemon Online. Its usually ran by an elite group with the most amount of knowledge (the dudes at Smogon). The goal is to create a balanced environment. The result of that is a metagame/format that is much easier for new players to get into. Its also the classic 6vs6 format the handhelds games use for multi-player play, while the VGCs use Bring 6, pick 4 style present in the console games.
    Lil Wayne, Alright. :]

    If you want to get familiar with all the vocab, check out the VG article called "Competitive Battling Dictionary", written by TDL.

    As for what's banned and not banned, check the PokeBeach Official Ban List.
    Lil Wayne, Your I pod number :p... Yeah, I was thinking about quitting, the some kid at my school showed up to the league, and I kinda don't want to. If I did though I'd go to "Card Foght Vangaurd" or Magic. Then sell my cards, but my deck, because it is will fun to battle.
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