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  • I prefer TCGO, I could never get used to PlayTCG no matter how hard I tried.

    Though if I used PlayTCG, I would.
    Well I and others will miss you playing. (even though I never got to battle you =p) But have fun with what ever other TCG you decide to join!
    Dang... (May I have that #??) Hey, you can always play online... Don't give the account away though... You'll ruin your name... :'(

    Hows the trade looking so far?
    I've seen the questions on the exam before once when one of my friends was taking it, it's really tough because they ask questions about cards no one plays/played with or cards that are out of format.
    I don't really have any real FAVORITES, but I love these songs.
    40 Deep- Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee
    Robot- Trip Lee
    Forever- Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem [Clean]
    Almost Famous- Eminem [Clean]

    A Pokemon Skype? Okay, sure. My name is SecretCaveSociety. :) Thanks!
    I didn't mean to imply that it's a for sure thing. Sorry if I confused you. All I really do at my league is trade, I wish the other competitive players weren't too busy to battle me. =/ Also what I meant to say was I hope he opens a league there. I know there will be a shop, but not a league. (well he does have a league, but it doesn't show up on the league finder for some reason)

    EDIT: I've gotta go drink something, I've been sitting at my computer for hours watching Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2! (shrivles up from de-hydration)
    I am realitivly liked on here, but on the PB chat people hate me. Zorua hates me because of a mistake he made and Futa hates me for some reason... I don't really know why else... I am like able but if you get on my bad side....

    Futa hates everyone... She's sexist... Don't tell her though, she doesn't know it!
    I know how that feels. My league is like, 8 minutes away from me but there's not too many competitive players there. (ironic seeing as I live in FL, arguably the most competitive state for Pokemon) Other than the league I go to the next closest one is 70-80 miles away! (so I'll never be able to go to it) Hopefully when one of my professor friends opens his card shop on the 30th he will have league there, I'd love to be able to go to 2 leagues a week! Though the shop he's opening is kinda far away from me... (around 30-40 minutes with mild traffic)
    Lil Wayne, I don't need the phanpy's. Do you have any of these:
    2x Holo Fighting
    4x Holo Water
    1x Fire Holo
    Yeah, I like rap.
    Wait, you like rap, too? Gee, I never would have guessed. :p
    What's your favorite song?
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