Lil Wayne

I love to play Pokemon. I collect Vulpixs!!! I have EVERY English one made!!! Sweet huh!!! I golf 6 out of a 7 day week, I have won over 50 Golf tournaments, and I'm only 14! I don't think anyone likes me on PokeBeach...:( I was one of the first people ever on!!!! I really want to become a Mod, but I mostly want to be on the Trade Council! I think we should have a Deck Council, I would be so happy if I could be on that if we had one.

I am realitivly liked on here, but on the PB chat people hate me. Zorua hates me because of a mistake he made and Futa hates me for some reason... I don't really know why else... I am like able but if you get on my bad side....

As I have stated above about being a great golfer, to more so proove my point, I am already accepted into UNCG on a FULL scholarship and I am only 14.

Some of my friends (I am updating this)

Mr. Gatr.

He is a really nice guy and a really great trader. He is also THE next best writer. :)


Even though he is banned he has still been my friend. We both like the same music so we have that in common.


Such a fun person to play against. He is always so nice, never mean. Also maybe the best Durant player around. (Correct me if I'm wrong with the 'maybe' part). :)


He WAS one of the best traders here. He always sent onetime and we always needed each others cards for some reasons. XD. Even though he is now banned he is still a nice guy.

The Wii Man.

He is another great trader here! He is always on time and very prompt when sending PM's. I made a mistake once when trading to him and He was really kind about it and didn't get mad or anything. :)

I THINK I have some other buddies, but PM me if I missed you.
Apr 26, 1997 (Age: 27)
USA, NC Pinehurst
Rap, Music, Not-Being-Banned-Anymore. I play Pokemon solely for the money. I play Minecraft for money (Youtube) but I also just like to play for fun.
TCG/VG Accomplishments
My first tournament I won while beating the states winner!!!! I also won my 2nd Tournament ever! My third wasn't that great...
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The game is too boring....
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  1. TCG Player


~ I am trying to get back into Pokemon.

~ The love of my life is Alexandria Kells <3.

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~ I am playing speed plasma at the moment