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  • corabed, Thank you. I assume you mean Feel So Close. ;D
    The EP on iTunes is only £1.49 for around 7 tracks. I strongly recommend it.
    Also, the song linked to in my last Ban Game post is very, very good. A new release that will surely get Number 1. If it doesn't, I'll buy it 100 times to get it to Number 1.
    corabed, Ouch. Not a good first impression for the start of the year. :D
    I never expected you to be the type that gets in trouble. I've never really got into trouble. :/
    corabed, Good, thanks! I do miss my independence, though, and I'll be a lot less active, but I'll still be here in the shadows.
    corabed, It's 'cause I've got Safari up but often I'm on another app.
    Plus, I'm going to be less active from now on.
    corabed, Ok, I guess you'll see this when you get back, then. :/
    I take it that you're starting secondary school this year if you're 13?
    corabed, It's a 'Get out of n00bishness free' card that I enjoyed using in my early days. :p
    corabed, Yeah. I mean, in the early days, did Afro actually know me well enough to consider me a friend? No. But I talked to him about TCG results and such, plus I posted on similar threads to him, and now we're a lot more friendly. Although some of the people on my list may not have me on theirs, I'm showing that I think they're awesome, and they often return the favour. ;)
    corabed, Haha, adding friends doesn' make me popular. Anyone can do that. What matters is who's added me too. :)
    And I think the main reason why I'm so friendly with people is for my abnormal time spent on forum games.
    corabed, I... don't know. Give it a few days, and if you haven't received a reply, maybe not.
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