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  • corabed,
    Oh. It's an album bonus track, so I'm not that surprised. The alternative is going onto Black & White Deluxe Edition on iTunes and listening to the (recently extended) preview.
    I should add YouTube links where possible in my bio.
    Thanks! I'm changing it every Sunday... oh, actually, I should change it now. I hav a log in my bio for my song of the week - mine are all dubstep, because I find that Muddy68's SoTW is too old. :p
    corabed, Yeah, but I want a lot of attendance for it, and I want all of the regular role-players to get a chance to join. Plus, it seems convenient to have it start on the first day of winter.
    By the way, it's more of a 'gothic'-style thriller than anything else. You might be surprised as to how different it is to the normal RPG.
    corabed, Sure thing! I've made the dates easy to remember:
    Sign-ups/revealing: Halloween
    Game Start: 1st December
    corabed, Yeah, I've been up at 70 before. :'(
    As long as you're conscious of every one of your posts, you'll be ok. ;)
    Wait a minute, you never came off my buddy list...
    Oh, and yes, I am making a new RPG. Sign-ups start on Halloween. ;) Glad you're interested!
    I can get it to you later this after noon, I forgot to write it down and lent a friend the deck and I am going to pick it up from him at league
    I've finished your banner after some long and hard work!
    I decided to go with some hand-made word art as a special effect.
    My only rule is please give credit. Hope you enjoy it! ;)
    corabed, Yeah, sure, I'll give it a go!
    My main specialities are flames and shading blurs, but I can try and add sparks to my list! ;)
    corabed, I don't know, but I'll continue work on Magnezone today. I want to do some kind of snazzy effect like the flame on my Emboar, but I can't think of how to make Magnezone look cool. I could just do a simple Magnezone if you want, though.
    Since p99 has done the same thing for you, is my order off? I have seriously been working on it. It's just that I was gone for a week. :<
    Just saw that Bakuron(?) has a similar banner to your request, that was made by Decmaster. Just wanted to let you know that yours will still be original! I'm choosing Emzone for the text, because I'm doing some special word art that works with the deck's theme. I'm also using the Emboar here that I drew.
    corabed, I'd really love to, but I don't like to trade online considering the fact that I'm giving my address away. Sorry.
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