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  • Banner or avatar?: Banner
    Background: Just colour really... but do what you like.
    Colors: Red (Emboar's half) Yellow (Magnazones half)
    Images(If it is a card,please cut out the part that you want) : Emboar on the left, magnazone on the right.
    Text: Emzone or Magnaboar whatever sounds best.
    Text Color: Don't mind whatever seems best.
    Employee: Suppose I should say POKEVORTEX but if he can't I don't mind who.

    I found the app, don't worry about sending it to me. I could draw for it, but it'd actually take up to a month to do that. :p I'll give it my best shot. I could just get some images off the Internet, but with copyright violations getting all the more frequent, I don't think that the owners would be best pleased by it. Let me know what you want me to use in particular. I don't like to do your old shabby, pixelated, pretty much stolen banner. I make stuff from scratch. ;D
    corabed, slickmario had a similar one when he was permabanned. I don't think it was exactly the same, but it was still a Celebi Prime. Nice anyway, though.
    Wow, the first comment on here. I thought you'd have some already.
    I recommend an avatar. I could make you one if you want. ;D
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