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    Happy 18th =)
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    Monday, 10/2, Diamond and Pearl Sprites

    Would it be possible to get usable sprites, rather than photos of the DS screen?
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    Monday, 9/11, Too Much to List

    Hrm... not impressed. :/ Lame-looking, indeed. Diaruga as a Steel/Dragon and Parukia as a Water/Dragon? Are you sure they're not the other way round? >.< Well, you probably are. Still makes zello sense to me. ¬¬
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    cards scans

    The fact that the main page isn't all Pokemon news isn't a bad thing. It makes the site seem less "professional", perhaps, but it does make it seem more than just your ordinary site. I dunno about everyone else, but I like the fact that we have more than just the usual on the site.
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    Anybody need an avatar? I can get one for you

    ...all you're doing is taking images from PPN.. :/ Nothing special here, we can all do it ourselves...
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    PS3 delayed 5 months for PAL

    Delayed? ... Meh. Who in their right mind would be getting a PS3 on release anyway? :/ Sceptilerancher, all your posts in this thread have been spam. Ontopic, please.
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    Saturday, 9/2, New Layout

    elekid_electabuzz193 - avoid !!. All they do is give us headaches. The layout looks great. Banner's even more amazing than the last. The sidebars certainly work, but for some reason I find the titles for each section (Pokebeach, Trading Card Game, Scans, etc) tacky...
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    Avatar search

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    Pokemon Mews R Us : Toys R Us Giveaway

    RE: Mews R Us :  Toys R Us Giveaway I don't believe it, it's US only! -_- =(
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    Ruling Can the Ludicargo combo be used more than once per turn?

    Good, yes. However, it DOES need a Stage 2 AND a Stage 1, as opposed to just a Stage 2. So broken, no. The 'only once your turn' effect you're looking for is at the end of the Pokepower. For Pidgeot, it states that "You can't use more than one Quick Search Poke-Power per turn". In other...
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    Pokemon Blaziken

    Offtopic... and Blaziken is really slow. :/
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    Why are th unknowns so broken?

    ^The new Unown have the Shuffle (aka Form Change) power. All of their attacks are called Hidden Power and do different things. They're not broken -_- Unown M is Make a Wish. Wow, Jirachi with less HP and no [M] protection. Like that's gonna be half as useful... Unown B needs [PCC]. 3...
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    Pokemon Favorite Fake Pokemon

    For the record, Purplekecleon's insisting it's a wallaby. ^^U But definitely the wallaby.
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    Ruling Scramble Energy

    "(has no other effect then providing energy)" is just a reminder, like "Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon" (see Marowak DS). Just because it isn't there doesn't mean it doesn't apply.
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    Thursday, 8/17, DP Cards.... NOT

    Go Cascade! Considering that the starters use official art and the electric fake is in Sugimori style, it would've been hard to tell if the Kooroboshi wasn't there. ^^; Best fakes I've ever seen.