‘Paradigm Trigger’ Trademark Filed for the Pokemon TCG!

A trademark for Paradigm Trigger (パラダイムトリガー) has been filed by Pokemon. It’s under the same terms as trademarks previously used for set names.

We usually discover trademarks five to six months before they go into use, so this may be a set releasing around June or July in Japan. Usually this would be the set promoting the latest Pokemon movie, but those are on hold due to Covid. In such cases the set would be promoting the latest Legendary Pokemon from the movie, such as Zarude, Zeraora, etc.

At this time we have no idea what the set name could be referencing. A paradigm is a standard, perspective, or set of ideas, so this set may be “triggering” a change in the TCG.

So far Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Darkrai, Giratina, and possibly Heatran all seem to have upcoming sets (Shaymin is featured in Brilliant Stars). This leaves Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Regigigas, Cresselia, Manaphy, and Phione if this set were to continue featuring Gen IV Legendaries.

February will see the release of Battle Legion, which will be a special set. It’ll see two decks featuring Lucario VSTAR and Darkrai VSTAR. This may be turned into our special June set.

Time Gazer and Space Juggler, which we discovered last August, will obviously feature Dialga and Palkia. We’ll probably see them around March.

In September we discovered a Dark Phantasm trademark, which may feature Darkrai. That should also release around March.

We discovered Lost Abyss in November, which should feature Giratina and possibly the Lost Zone. We’ll likely see it in April or May.

Incandescent Arcana was also discovered in November and could possibly featuring Heatran. It may release around June.

And now we have Paradigm Trigger.

Maybe Paradigm Trigger could be referencing those Legends: Arceus leaks. I won’t say what the leaks are since I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, but who knows.
Now that the focus will be Sinnoh/Hisui and there a considerable amount of new forms which will have priority, yet we still missing stuff from SwSh like

VMax: Hatterene, Machamp, Melmetal and one apple which dont remmember the name
Single prize: Eternatus and Shadow/Ice Riders
V: Regidrago, Regieleki being legendarys I would assume they should have Vs, they are probably the most likely to yet get the cards thanks to Regigigas
Any kind of card: Regular forms of Calyrex, Gastlier and Spectrier

I hope they made a better distribution of cards for the new Hisui Pokemons
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(Spoilers for Legends Arceus leaks)
Could this be a set for....the origin forns??? Paradigm sounds rather cosmic and trigger could mean a big event, possibly what could've caused Dialga and Palkia to revert to their origin forms in the first place.
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I think the one question that should be on everyone's lips is: When will the new Hisuian Pokémon cards be released?
I think the one question that should be on everyone's lips is: When will the new Hisuian Pokémon cards be released?
I've been wondering about that too. We got Galarian Slowbro V way, way before the IOA came out, yet there's no sign of Hisuian cards...when are they going to start??
People who talk about spoilers and leaks, you can use [spoiler.] and [/spoiler.] without the . to hide the spoilers :)

It'll look like this
I think Paradigm Trigger could feature the new Sinnoh forms. It is the right moment to do it. By May-June, most of the Pokémon Legends: Arceus players will know about them and makes sense to promote.
Isn't Darkrai VSTAR known to be a promo? Maybe Dark Phantasm is actually for Hisuian Zoroark. As for Incandescent Arcana I could see that being
Hisuian Typhlosion. Incandescent for Fire and Arcana for Ghost.