Special English Set Releasing in June 2022!

A “Sword & Shield 10.5” set will release in English on June 17th, 2022! This means it will be another special set, as they’re always labeled 0.5.

As usual, the set will see the release of an Elite Trainer Box, Mini Tins, V Collection Box, Premium Collection Box, Super Premium Collection Box, and more. This list of products is preliminary. No booster boxes are listed alongside the set, further indicating it’s a special set.

The set will also see the release of a new type of product called “Team-Up Collections” (this may be the name for one of the aforementioned collections). No other information is currently known. This is speculation, but the name may imply these boxes will feature Character Rares since their artwork shows Pokemon “teaming up” with their Trainers.

Currently we know about 30 of the Character Rares from VMAX Climax will make their way into February’s Brilliant Stars set. The other 40 could release in our May set or be saved for this June set. We also know Japan is getting a special set in February called Battle Legion, which will contain even more Character Rares. Those could also release in this June set.

We also will need a way to release the unique cards and secret rares from Start Deck 100, as well as the CoroCoro Pikachu VMAX promo. This June set could accommodate those.

This will be the first special set releasing in the summer; in the past they’ve usually released in the fall. The main exceptions were Generations in February 2016, which was to celebrate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, and Shining Fates this past February, which was probably because they wanted to make room for Celebrations in the fall. We don’t yet know why this is releasing in June. It could have something to do with Pokemon’s future releases or could be an attempt to mitigate supply chain issues, like last year when the usual set schedule was altered because of Covid.

As usual all of this information is preliminary and subject to change. We should have concrete details in the coming months, so stay tuned!