Even More Character Rares Releasing in ‘Battle Legion,’ Plus Release Dates for Upcoming Japanese Sets!

We can now reveal new information about Battle Legion, Japan’s special February set!

It will contain a new line of Character Rares, Character Super Rares, and include new VSTAR Pokemon. The set will feature 67 cards before secret rares. It will also feature a reverse holofoil style with a glittery look.

We previously revealed exclusive information about the set, which you can read here.

It seems Character Rares will continue to release after VMAX Climax. For our English sets, we only know that February’s Brilliant Stars will contain 30 of them (sourced from VMAX Climax). The remaining Character cards could be released in the following English sets along with these new ones from Battle Legion. Or they could be saved for our holiday 2022 set.

In other news today, online retailers now list that Time Gazer and Space Juggler will release in Japan on April 8th. We originally discovered the set names through trademarks. They should feature Dialga and Palkia.

Here’s all upcoming Japanese sets and products we know about: