‘Dark Phantasma’ Trademark Filed by Pokemon

Yet another potential TCG trademark has been filed by Pokemon: Dark Phantasma (ダークファンタズマ).

It joins the trademarks for Time Gazer and Space Juggler that were filed last week. All three fall under the same terms as trademarks previously used for the Pokemon TCG. It’s likely all three are upcoming sets.

Whereas last week’s trademarks seemed to reference Dialga and Palkia, maybe this one references Darkrai or Giratina? Both look like ghosts in many depictions. Darkrai’s musical theme also has associations with the The Phantom of the Opera in its original movie appearance. But who knows?!


We usually discover trademarks five to six months before they go into use, so we may see these potential sets around March.

We also know about the trademarks for VSTAR and the expected sets Star Birth and Battle Legion. Those were filed earlier.