Boltund V from ‘Fusion Arts!’

Boltund will be getting its 2nd V card in S8 Fusion Arts, which is released in Japan on September 24th. It will then become a part of our Fusion Strike set on November 12th. Thanks goes to JustInBasil for translations!

Boltund V – Lightning – HP200
Basic Pokemon

[L] Smash Turn: 30 damage. You may switch this Pokemon with 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

[L][L][C] Electrobullet: 120 damage. This attack does 30 damage to 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon. (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)

When your Pokemon V is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1

The placement of Boltund V in the set, 34/100, essentially confirms Boltund VMAX being featured in Fusion Arts as well. This is because Toxel is 36/100, and there are not any Electric-type Pokemon between the two, thus leaving room for only Boltund VMAX.


Aspiring Trainer
I don't know why they refuse to give one of the fastest Pokemon free retreat.

Also, the pack art of Boltund for Fusion Strike doesn't have Dynamax clouds, so I'm not 100% convinced of there being a VMAX.


lol yeah this Boltund V better have a VMAX otherwise there is zero reason to play this over Ampharos V or the other Boltund V


Meta/budget player
I'm hoping something at least halfway decent given that Flaffy didn't get a Lightning VMax partner in Evolving Skies - Jolteon VMax doesn't require it since it can attack for [L] and Dracozolt VMax was from an older set.


Aspiring Trainer
I'm guessing it'll be good hopefully since its on the pack art for the English set (the Vmax)


Forever trapped in the Lost Zone
I still find it weird how they make a V in one set then in a later set give them a second V and a VMAX like why not just either choose another pokemon (Luxray for example) or give them the VMAX with the original V, has happened for a few cards now and its odd