‘Lost Abyss’ TCG Trademark Filed!

Pokemon has filed another trademark for the Pokemon TCG: Lost Abyss (ロストアビス). It’s under the same terms as trademarks previously used for set names.

We usually discover trademarks five to six months before they go into use, so this could be Japan’s April or May set.

Could the name be hinting at the return of the Lost Zone from 2009’s Platinum set? The Lost Zone is an “out of play” discard pile. Cards put in the Lost Zone can’t be retrieved once they’re banished there. The mechanic was reintroduced in 2018’s Ultra Prism, but went back into retirement a few sets later. It’s heavily associated with Giratina.

In January, Japan will see the release of Star Birth featuring Arceus V and Arceus VSTAR. It’ll become part of our Brilliant Star set in February.

February will see the release of Battle Legion, which will be a special set. It’ll also see two decks featuring Lucario VSTAR and Darkrai VSTAR.

Other upcoming trademarks include Time Gazer and Space Juggler, which we discovered in August. Those will obviously feature Dialga and Palkia. We’ll probably see them release around March.

In September we discovered a Dark Phantasm trademark, which may feature Darkrai. That should also release around March.

And then Lost Abyss could feature Giratina in April or May. Perhaps next we’ll get a set for Shaymin?