‘Star Birth’ TCG Set Releasing in January: Pokemon VSTAR!

We can now confirm the trademark for Star Birth (スターバース) is indeed a set and will release in Japan on January 14th! It will feature Arceus VSTAR.

The set will see the release of a “Premium Trainer Box VSTAR” on the same date. Premium Trainer Boxes have always been released at the start of a new regulation block, like the last two for Single & Rapid Strike Master that kicked off the “E” block. If this holds true, this would be the start of the “F” block.

Last year’s boxes came with 50 Pokemon and Trainers, a unique promo card of Single or Rapid Strike Urshifu V, 100+ Energy, and the usual TCG accessories.

Like “GX Markers,” a “VSTAR marker” will also be included within products releasing soon. This confirms VSTAR is indeed a new mechanic, as we assumed. This would also imply there is something about VSTAR Pokemon that can only be used once during a certain amount of time. For example, Pokemon-GX could only use their GX attack once per game.

Presumably the set should also see the release of TCG accessories featuring Arceus, like card sleeves and deck boxes.

As usual this information is preliminary and subject to change, like our VMAX Climax story about the shiny Pokemon. We haven’t seen the sell sheet for ourselves, so we can’t confirm the accuracy of this information just yet. I have also gone back and edited our VMAX Climax story to make that point even more apparent than it was before.

In the future we should also be getting Japanese sets for Battle Legion (February?), Time Gazer and Space Juggler (March?), and Dark Phantasma (April?).