‘Battle Legion’ Confirmed as Special Set for February, More VSTAR Pokemon Releasing!

Back in July we discovered a trademark for a future TCG set named Battle Legion. We can now confirm it will release on February 25th following S9 Star Birth in January.

It will be a “Sword & Shield Strengthening Expansion Pack” set, which is our first confirmation that 2022 sets will continue to stay within the Sword & Shield era. It’ll be labeled S9a.

Each booster pack of Battle Legion will cost 260 yen instead of the usual 165 yen. Each booster box will contain 20 packs instead of the usual 30.

This puts Battle Legion into the category of special subsets like Legendary Heartbeat, which was released in July 2020. Legendary Heartbeat‘s packs cost the same as Battle Legion‘s and its booster boxes also contained 20 packs. The increased cost and smaller boxes were because Legendary Heartbeat contained 7 cards per pack instead of the usual 5, including a guaranteed holo. The same could be the case for Battle Legion.

Legendary Heartbeat also introduced Amazing Rares, so it’s possible Battle Legion will also introduce something exciting for collectors. Special subsets usually have something cool!

We don’t know anything else about Battle Legion, such as what Pokemon it will feature on its booster pack. But it will probably promote Pokemon from Sinnoh or Hisui.

Releasing alongside Battle Legion on February 25th will be a “Sword & Shield Starter Set Lucario VSTAR” and “Sword & Shield Starter Set Darkrai VSTAR.” They will include a 60-card deck containing Lucario V and Lucario VSTAR or Darkrai V and Darkrai VSTAR. They will come with the usual deck goodies like a coin and damage counters. Each will cost 1,710 yen.

February 4th will also see the release of a “Special Card Set (Grass) Leafeon VSTAR” and “Special Card Set (Ice) Glaceon VSTAR.” Each will come with Leafeon V and Leafeon VSTAR or Glaceon V and Glaceon VSTAR. They will cost 2,200 yen.

It’s likely the Leafeon V and Glaceon V are the ones Hong Kong and Taiwan are getting for purchasing Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Those Pokemon V were already confirmed to be different from the ones in Eevee Heroes, so it’s highly unlikely Creatures would create third versions for these products.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations and JustInBasil helping me with research!