All Secret Rares from ‘Start Deck 100’ Revealed: Special Secret Deck to Release!

We now know all the secret rares that can be found in the “Start Deck 100” decks! The decks release in Japan today.

Most of these secret rares will come in a secret 101st deck. (Now we’re getting secret products?) Every card in this 101st deck is a reverse holo or secret rare. The deck will be randomly included in a case. We don’t know how rare it is yet.

However, our source says the Pikachu V, Granbull V, and Zamazenta V will be randomly included in the other 100 decks. Presumably in decks that would normally include their regular versions. If their pull rates are similar to past decks that included secret rares, you might find one secret rare out of every six decks. We’ll update this post once we receive more information.

You can see all the unique cards from the Start 100 decks in our post here. The decks included 414 total cards, with 19 alternate art reprints and 35 brand new cards.

We don’t know how these cards will release outside Japan. They will likely be included in future sets.