Finished Werewolf XXVI: Harmonic Divergence | Town Win!

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Ice Espeon, Mar 8, 2015.

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  1. Drohn Wild War Dance



    As you can all clearly see, this win condition is harmless to town. I control Drohn. I control two votes. I have a meatshield to protect me from night actions (which I forgot when I asked SS if he targeted me, sorry). In a best case scenario, scum will waste two nightkills (over two nights) on Drohn and I. Worst case scenario is you guys lynching or vig-killing me during the day. We can maybe use that to find scum players, right?

    I'm here to provide Avatar/Legend of Korra knowledge as well as two lovely votes. Please don't waste that.

    ##UNVOTE: Celever
    ##VOTE: Keeper of Night

  2. rev3rsor 目がピアノを弾く


    Apologies for answering a question like 100 posts after, but @Squirtle Squad, what was so suspicious about my post? It was essentially me saying what I thought of the situation, which imo is better than saying nothing at all.

    I'm not too sure why SS revealed but it seems to me mostly that he panicked and thought that it would be the best idea to defend himself by giving some evidence to start discussion on. Still a bit vague for me to draw any conclusions though.

    At a glance, I don't see anything immediately suspicious about KoN (but that's without much thought/careful reading).

    Drohn's and bigfoot's roles seem really interesting actually, and I guess they can kinda confirm each other. The one concern I have at the moment is that because bigfoot controls exactly what Drohn posts, there's obviously the chance that bigfoot can just make a fake role instead, because we can essentially treat Drohn's posts as bigfoot's instead. Interesting concept but I'm not going to believe it 100% unless there's some kind of confirmation (of bigfoot's role).

    That's my thoughts for now, before I disappear somewhat (exams this week :/)
  3. Teal 黄前さん らしい ね


    I have read most of the second day now.

    bbninjas VS KoN seems like a townie against townie fight to me

    Bigfoot&Drohn: WTF

    When were Equalists and Red Lotus first mentioned? What do we know about them and why? Like Equalists have to have non-benders outnumber benders and Red Lotus has to kill four certain players as Bigfoot said.
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  4. BigfootAUS Game Dev & VR Consultant / Trainer


    Direct from the OP of the thread:
  5. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Hmm @rev3rsor that was a while ago so I'm struggling to remember what your post was :p haha
    Oh wait! You were saying we shouldn't post what we know because we will be targeted/killed! Yeah that sounds as a pretty dumb move. We need evidence to move forward!
    And I claimed because literally we weren't getting anywhere and the only votes were heading my way so I wanted to clear it up.

    Bigfoot and drohns roles are cool and I strongly doubt they are fake.. Theyre super unique too ! Nice one IE :p

    ##unvote: BigfootAUS

    I'm not sold on KoN yet... The only thing I really find dodgy about him is how much he pressured Camo, so I'm gonna hold off on that front...
    I think Celever is ok atm.. Obviously his role is still unproveable, but I'm thinking he's town... His ability fits with his character from what I've read. Though, if IE is providing scum with claims then that would make sense..
  6. BigfootAUS Game Dev & VR Consultant / Trainer


    As independents, Drohn and I only got character names as our safeclaims. We got Desna and Eska. No roles were made up for us, so I doubt scum have full host-provided safeclaim roles as well. That's why I think Celever is clear with his win condition matching the other dead townies.
  7. Vom Shocking Puns

    Forum Mod Member

    I think there's something missing on Drohn's role...the non-bending ability that prevents his bending from being removed is useless if he doesn't have any other bending ability.

    About Keeper vs bbninjas thing: This just seems like Camo vs Keeper all over again. Remember where that got us?
  8. Celever Wheeeee~


    Those WinCons could have easily been changed. I'm wary, because bloodbending is what is used to take people's bending powers away. My vote remains on Bigfoot.
  9. Keeper of Night Nobody Special
    Keeper of Night


    So... Two independents just claimed with reason to not be targeted by town or scum, and immune to Equalists... And you people take them at their word?
    It isn't that hard to fake a win-con that simple.
  10. Luispipe8 Pokémon Professor


    I'm terribly sorry for not replying in a while, have been busy with exams and haven't really been able to catch up with the reading in-between classes. My thoughts so far and what I have from last posts:

    -With Celever's claim + Camo's flip, I'm inclined to believe that Celever is cleared. There's almost nothing that could change that.

    -I am yet to see why Keeper is a valid target. As someone already mentioned, the situation here looks a lot like yesterday's Camo vs KoN. I'm very doubtful that I want another outcome like that and leave a lynch to chance... again.

    -Bigfoot's role looks legitimate (except maybe his OP detouring and /possibly/ WinCon) . However, Drohn's doesn't.

    First of all: lol, what's with the underlined section? :v

    But now, take your attention into the red part. You have no other bending abilities. You basically have an ability which only effect is "This ability can't be removed". That's the silliest thing I've seen so far.

    ##VOTE: BigfootAUS
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  11. Mr.Muffin Cooler than Everyone who is less Cool than Me!


    Let's get that vote tally.
  12. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Hmm yeah I saw what yall are saying! I think they are telling the truth that they are independents and that Bigfoot's role is more or less how it is. But drohns role is weird as! There has to be more to it! And the flavour is so off as well...? Is tarloks assistant even a real person???

    They are clearly working together (duh)
    Could either of you please explain why drohns role is so wrong and weird compared to everybody else's? What's missing?

    Also I'm more certain there has to be stuff missing as there's absolutely no incentive to kill you? What's the point of your whole role even existing in the game if there's no reason to kill you? Not one faction has a reason to take you out? That's just ridiculous!

    ##vote: BigfootAUS
  13. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    tbh, I disagree. Most Independent roles are generally ignored by the Town unless they're detrimental, and the role may even be considered a 'threat to the town'.

    I'm not too sure what to say about Drohn and BigfootAUS. That role seems really weird, especially as it seems to completely prevent Drohn from playing the game - which is not very well thought out, tbh, if it is real, as it kills the fun of the game for Drohn. There is the possibility that Drohn /was/ Town but has been recruited by Bigfoot Night 0, hence why Drohn's role seems fake/off.

    ##UNVOTE: Keeper of Night

    He addressed all my points well (I /did/ originally think he is scum, but don't after his responses) :>
  14. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Ok then but what's the point? There's no point to the role! No skill involved in winning... There's gotta be something else...
  15. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Considering IE mentioned in the OP that there 'may or may not be Independent factions', I think it is quite possibly that Bigfoot and Drohn are actually Independents, instead of safe-claims of one of the other factions, which is what I originally thought. Also, if we end up killing the two and they end up being truthful, then I'd assume we wouldn't really have gained anything from lynching them. I feel we desperately need to get either an Equalist or Lotus lynched ASAP, instead.

    Getting to the point, I don't think we should lynch Drohnfoot unless we have no other leads on the other factions. We still have 2-3 days of this Day left, which is still enough time to investigate other people, like Brave (as Camo suggested).

    Point taken ;) I'm not too sure if the Wincon is believable, but it /is/ pretty standard for an Indie (which often is to survive until the endgame).
  16. BigfootAUS Game Dev & VR Consultant / Trainer


    Bending is a trait because the bending type rests up next to our player/character name. It just so happens that abilities are classed as non-bending and bending. These two concepts (trait vs ability classes) don't clash. The bending trait is what's important when it comes to screwing with Equalists. THAT is why having our bending unremovable is not useless. It's harder for Equalists to win with roles like mine around.

    From what I understand this character is the closest thing to Tarrlok's assistant.

    Drohn is busy with university and other IRL stuff, and you might've noticed he's been inactive in recent games too. He's having just as much fun watching me try to puppeteer him as he would if he was playing normally, believe me.

    There is only one bloodbender who can take peoples' bending away, and that's Amon. At the very least, Equalists should know I'm not one of them.

    Aaaaaaaand I don't understand you guys. Voting for my lynch, even if it would kill Drohn? If you lynch Drohn, it would confirm me wouldn't it? But then it would take away my meatshield...
    Don't we have any investigative roles here? It doesn't even have to be a town investigator because even that would get me confirmed by one faction full of players (preferably not the Equalists since I'm clean with them as mentioned above).
  17. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    I'm very glad to hear that, providing you're not lying :)

    At this rate you're going to be lynched because you're a dodgey Indie. I invite you to make a case of your own, though, so we can have a better lynch that actually contributes to the Town's goal. And I don't think anyone should out their investigative roles if they have them, as we don't need power roles killed away early (or at all).
  18. BigfootAUS Game Dev & VR Consultant / Trainer


    If the scum factions are smart, they won't kill off investigative roles. In a game where one scum faction is full of benders and the other wants to eliminate benders I think investigative roles are more useful than ever.

    Honestly, I'm not sure who we should be lynching. I was kinda hoping my dual-role claim would be believed so you guys could direct me & my votes - that way, I wouldn't have to use my brain much. We could maybe start pressuring the inactive players? I think you mentioned WanderingWolf was checking the thread but did nothing?
  19. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Sounds more like you're fishing.

    WW was planning on releasing a case yesterday, but never did. Brave is one inactive player I think we need to start pressuring,
  20. Keeper of Night Nobody Special
    Keeper of Night


    @Ice Espeon, will players that don't post today be modkilled?
    Too lazy to read back.
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